Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Award time again...

Rahul of Desire v/s Destiny was kind enough to pass on this 'Versatile Blogger Award' to me. Thanks a ton Rahul. He did this almost a fortnight back.....but this versatile yours truly is lazy enough to delay this post.

So here are the rules of this award: 
  • Nominate 10-15 fellow bloggers
  •  Inform the bloggers of their nomination
  •  Share 7 random things about yourself
  •  Thank the blogger who nominated you (with blog link)
  •  Add the Versatile Blogger Award Pic on your blog post

But I would prefer to change the order. 

Thank the blogger who nominated you (with blog link)

Again thanks a lot Rahul...I really like that you appreciated me. (No, I did not bribed Rahul or even gagged him!!!)

Share 7 random things about yourself

1. I have a transparent face....No, it does not mean that you can actually see the veins or muscles but the fact is I cannot hide my emotions, it inevitably spills on my face.

2. I am a scaredy cat....I am so scared of any living being (except human) on this earth. Forget about dogs or cats, I cannot even run fingers through furry coat of a cute rabbit or birds or even pat an innocent cow. A mouse or mole in vicinity can bring out the most versatile dance out of me!!! I am even afraid of fire a lot.....I did not knew to lit a match stick till I stayed alone.

3. I can multi-task...quote this example, me cutting veggies/talking on phone, reading a book or newspaper and simultaneously watching some silly serial on TV. If this can qualify as a multi-tasking quality then I can do similar events with lot of other activities as well.

4. I am quite opinionated. Sometimes I find it really difficult to keep them to myself and it itches me to core if someone is blabbering in front of me with wrong or half-baked facts. Due to this attribute of mine some morons has branded me as 'fire-brand' .

5. I love to read. I read so fast that I literally gobble the book. I can switch myself off from the whole world if I am reading something interesting. 

6. I like playing stupid computer games which are obviously  meant for much younger people (to be precise kids!!). Most of these are arcade games and works as stress-buster for me. This includes bursting same coloured bubbles or gems, breaking virtual bricks, arranging blocks in cybertris. I even played Farmville for a long time( before Mishti was born...now my whole house looks like some farm!!) and was obsessed with my farm....I even used to ask my hubby to feed my virtual pet while I am in office so that it doesn't runs away!!!

7.I believe in GOD but not in favour of worshipping with pomp and show. I feel connecting with GOD is something very very personal and I can do it within my heart. Saying this, I really detest any spiritualist Gurus & preachers.....do we really need so much complex gyan to link with our Almighty!!

Nominate 10-15 fellow bloggers & Inform the bloggers of their nomination

As of now I am not tagging anyone as most of the bloggers are already tagged...keeping it open and might pass it on in future. If anyone wish to pick it up...please go about it.


  1. Lol #2,6 :D :D
    Nice and frank facts about you! :-)

  2. Glad that you liked it :-)

  3. Nice to find your blog.. Congratulations on the award!!

    1. Thnx Saher...Glad you liked my blog!!!