Friday, 28 December 2012

Shave or Crave!!

It was my birthday few days ago.  This year it was special as my 18 month old actively participated in all the celebrations… be it wishing me at 12 midnight, savoring birthday cake, enjoying Pizza lunch or accompanying us for an elaborate dinner arranged by my hubby.
To make my day special, my hubby tried his best to give me small surprises throughout the day. However, one thing which I really wanted was that he should get rid of his stubble. It might look great for one evening but that’s it….not beyond that! But, being a non-nagging spouse who believes in giving space (!!) in relationship, I was never able to voice my thought to him. I tried passing subtle hints but alas!!..... He turned out to be a geek in understanding those clues.
 My first try went in vain when I commented that SRK looks like sick old man in his latest flick with that facial hair. Nevertheless, hubby didn't bit this bait as well and never even bothered to think why I am suddenly disparaging my teenage crush.
Then, when he took me out for birthday shopping, I suggested him buying an expensive shaving kit as return gift. But he refused any return gift by showcasing his persona’s humble attribute!
After cutting the cake in afternoon with friends my face was smeared with cream & icing of the cake by them. I purposely applied cake on his face as well so that it might trigger him to shave off that facial mane. But, he came out of the wash room glowing with all the cream facial and I even noticed few white hairs gleaming on his cheek along with the black ones. I took this as an opportunity and casually commented that it exhibits his ‘other side of 30’ age to the world. But he ducked this bouncer and claimed that finally he can portray his much desired ‘salt-n-pepper’ look!
Then it was the grand-dinner time. I wanted to look best for the evening so got ready accordingly. My li’l princess was dolled up in a beautiful princess dress. Hubby also took his time to wear his classy attire. Everything was perfect except that stubble. He thought it gave an intellectual look his guise!
Now, before we stepped out, hubby felt that this moment should be captured in a camera. Being a proud father, he took our daughter in his arms and asked me to click a nice snap. He tried to give a cuddly pose by chafing his cheek on her face…..and Fatttaakk!! The li’l lady pushed her dad’s face away with all her might and shouted ‘Oooohooo, Daddy Oohhhoooo’ and ran away. In her dictionary, this elongated ‘Oooohhhooo’ means pain. Now, it was a funny scenario. She kept running away from her daddy and shouting this melodramatic expression every time he insisted picking her up. Finally, he gave up. He glared at the watch and rushed towards the washroom. Within few minutes the man of our house emerged out with a clean shaven look. Our daughter looked at him intently and then jumped in his lap. He also understood that either he has to 'Shave' or 'Crave' for his daughter's proximity. Daddy happy, Dotty happy ……and me also super happy!! 

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Friday, 14 December 2012

Updates Unplugged...!!!

So, here I am back to my normal life. I might have cribbed about its monotonous routine in past but now I realize where my comfort zone lies. Past one month zipped away in my visit to Allahabad to be a part of my sister’s marriage. We came back to Gurgaon with huge baggage of marriage hangover. Although SG says ‘you now have fodder for almost 100 diverse posts in your blog’, I don’t feel like writing even a single word (Blogger’s block!!!!....ehhhh). But as so many changes are floating around in my life , I thought of jotting them down.
  • I came back with ailing Mishti who was down with fever, cough & cold. The chest congestion was real bad and gain she has to go through a dose of antibiotics. Doctor advised steam & nasal drops alongwith medicines, both of which next to impossible to be applied on Mishti.
  • We had a gala time in the marriage ceremonies. It was whacky tiresome to shop continuously for 10 days prior to that and still missing out few things on the D-day.
  • Had a first-hand experience to witness the difference between traditional planning & corporate planning in the event management of the wedding. The generation gap was evident and most of the time it was Me, SG & our cousins Vs or elders ( esp my dad)!
  • This wedding reinforced my thought-process about the big fat Indian wedding where money almost flows like water down the drain.
  • I managed to get ready on time on the D-day and was first time pretty satisfied with my look. It is not that I am any fashion freak….but I had this desire of looking presentable in my only sister’s marriage. Even SG was looking wow in traditional dhoti-kurta.
  • There is a Hindi proverb which says ‘ Sood asal se jyada pyara hota hai’ ( rough translation: The interest amount is more appealing than the principal amount!). Found this line quite true with this Allahabad trip when presence of Mishti diluted much past bitterness and even I received the unexpected wonderful behavior in some relationships.
  • Now, as we have planned I am gearing up for my job-hunt. The first step has been covered by hiring a full-time maid from a maid agency. The search for a nice daycare cum playschool is still on.
  • My new maid, daycare search & the wedding minutiae demand separate posts so I would soon do that.
  • Also, Mishti has added few more words to her vocabulary. This again needs another post….Ahhh poor girl …her mom is so lazy!!!
  • Gradually, Mishti is getting back to her normal self. Apart from ill-health she went a psychological change when after being surrounded by so many people all the time she had to be with only two of us here. As SG was not continuously with us there( he went with us came back then again went there before the marriage and came back in 4 days) so Mishti was more clingy to him & she stuck to him as if he might again vanish if she is not in his lap.
  • I am yet to write a review of a book from Blogadda and I am almost done with reading that. So expect a book review post soon.
  • Also, would like to apologize from my fellow bloggers on whose blog I was regular….I am back and would soon catch up with posts guys!!
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So, be prepared for an array of posts in blog. Happy blogging !!