Monday, 4 March 2013

When the Signal Turns Red - Book Review


A global ordeal
A couple in distress
The struggle to keep afloat
Prudent thinking in tumultuous times

Girish and Prajakta are in love. Very soon Girish will be joining the numero uno IT company of the country. He prepares himself by buying expensive clothes and other accessories he had always dreamed of. He and Prajakta have together planned to build on a good bank balance and then meet each other’s families to talk about marriage, probably after a year or two. Unexpectedly, the families get involved before Girish can join the IT Company. Against all odds, the couple manages to convince their family and an engagement date is fixed. But destiny has other things in mind. A global catastrophe mars their plan which leads to the engagement getting annulled. 

Will Girish find a way out of his predicament? Will he ultimately win Prajakta’s hand or will he move on in life, learning to live without her? 

My Take:

I received this book as a review copy from the Author. This is his debutant work. A simple, fast paced book revolving around the life of handful of characters within a span of a month. The plot of the book involves the journey of love stung couple who fights with turbulent circumstances knitted by fate with strings of Global financial recession. Many people who are associated with multi-national corporate sector can very well relate to this book which portrays the financial recession as the catalyst of chaos in the life of main protagonists. 

The language of the book is very simple but quite indianized and the length of the book (198 pages) is comfortably manageable. I finished this book in my metro ride from Gurgaon to Noida. However, I feel that few sub plot blended with the main story could have added that extra zing to the book. The lucid character sketch of lead characters remains as mild dampener however too much detailing has been included in few parts of the book. Those pages gave me feel of reading a screenplay of any movie or TV soap where minuscule facets about less important things have been elaborated to the core which could have been trimmed. 

Also, the end was bit abrupt and I would have loved to read about few good moments spent by the main couple after the tempest settles down. Overall, a one-time read which you can enjoy in journeys or bed-time with a relaxed mind.

  • Title - When the Signal turns Red
  • Author - Jayanand Ukey
  • Publisher - Alchemy Publishers
  • Pages - 198
  • Price - Rs. 175
  • My Rating - 3/5

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  1. The book lies with me to be read & reviewed...soon!!!