Blogadda has initiated  wonderful parenting site or blog where real time parents can rant about various nuances of parenting. I have committed to send one article every month to that blog. Here are my published posts in

Everything in this world comes with a price tag : My take on parenting difference in a joint family & nuclear family, its effects on kids, parents & their lives.

Catch - 22 : My ongoing dilemma of joining back work & outsourcing Mishti's care.

Hit- Back or not!! : Whether your kid is being bully or being bullied, you have to take a stance as a parent and make them understand the fine difference between aggression & assertion.

Chubby cheeks, Dimple Chin : Why it is so important for a baby to look pretty, cute & chubby?

Spare the rod, spoil the child : What do you think about disciplining your child?

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