Thursday, 16 May 2013

Mishti Unplugged - 23 months!!

Fortunately Mishti's fascination with books is still intact and recently she has discovered the fun of scribbling around with pen, pencil, chalk whichever comes handy. Initially I had a hard time explaining her that she is not supposed to write on walls, furniture, bed sheets and all over her body. But, she understood somehow and stopped her drawings on anything other than paper. But, you see the tricky part is not over. She would keep scribbling on books ( mine & her), news paper, any random letter apart from her designated drawing book. 
 I tried explaining her with lots of random reasons to prevent her from doodling on books. I am not sure what actually worked but she has now limited this activity.

One morning she came to me with the book I was reading that time ( Those Pricey Thakur Girls by Anuja Chauhan). I had won this copy in a facebook contest organized by the publishers. She was shouting while rolling her eyes ' Mamma, Kaano Kaano ( she wanted to say 'keno' which means 'why' in Bengali)'. 
I was surprised but then a big smile flashed on my face when I deciphered the reason. Mishti was showing me the first page where the author has given her autograph ( It was an autographed copy sent to the winners of that contest) and was questioning me assuming I had scribbled on that book!!

See, my mother has already found her replica who can assume her authority in her absence!!

We got her hair shaved for the first time a month back. So, whenever anybody mentions her about her hair, she would promptly reply 'Aannkal', 'Zzzuuuuzzuuuu', 'Toffee', 'Thangtu'!!!

This is actually her shortened version of the whole hair cutting procedure. If you are still not able to make it then let me explain. An Uncle( Aannkal) cut her hair with a machine which made sound -Zzzuuuuzzuuuu. After that she was given 'toffee' by him and she said a sweet Thank You ( Thangtu)!! Now you get it!!

She tries her best to recite many nursery rhymes but we are able to make out only a word or so. 'Tinkle Tinkle lili starrrr (Twinkle-Twinkle)', ' Baba Bashir ( Baa Baa Black Sheep)' and 'Hunty Dunty ( Humpty-Dumpty)' are the few which we are able to make out a bit but there are lot many which she performs with full action but alas we are not able make anything out of them. So, the best option is applaud loudly after her every pause!! Also, very funnily, she says 'Theek hai - Okay - Bye' after she finishes reciting any rhyme!!



  1. Such lovely and cute activities of the lil doll!
    Her version of hair cutting procedure is sweet :)
    God bless her! :)

    1. Thanks Shilpa... yeah she is now able to narrate any happening but in her own limited vocabulary & style :)

  2. Hugs to Mishti sweetheart :)
    Love these posts!!

    1. Hey welcome here...Mishti is giving you Hugs in return :)

  3. lol!!! So very cute she is!!!!

  4. Awwwww what a lovely update!! :) I saw her recent pic on FB and thought her hair was shaved owing to summer heat.. loved her mini version of the story.. I made out that the thangtu should be thank you :) but never would have guessed the entire story.

    Hugs and million kisses to the little darling :)

  5. LOL!! But she got hair cut done!!?!? Wow, touch wood, touch every piece of wood!! Zini howls every time someone tries to go near her hair :(
    "Theek hai - Okay - Bye" is too cute!!

  6. Oh so sweet! I really enjoyed her hair-cutting story version. And the rhymes - Cute! Guess she is thinking of giving a performance everytime she recites the rhymes and hence the Theek hai-Okay-Bye! :)

    Until later,
    Keirthana :)