Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Maa ...and few realizations!

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I had always been the pain in the neck for my Maa (mother) in my own ways. It started while she was heavily pregnant with me and I created ruckus inside her womb from 8th month only. She had to brave the labor pain for almost four days before giving birth to her first born - that’s me. Yes…you read it correct, FOUR days in severe pain!! Even after my birth I had to send to neo-natal care immediately as my head was bloated with water and most of the people who were eagerly waiting outside the labor-room thought me to be a still-born baby. I heard my birth story almost billion times from all my family members but somehow was never able to relate with the anxiety and tension surrounded with the whole anecdote. I actually enjoyed being the central character who managed to captivate everyone’s attention. But, it seems that destiny has its own plan and timing for teaching us the lessons of life.
When I underwent labor pain which fortunately lasted for only 3 hours, I shuddered at the mere thought that how must have my Maa had tolerated this acute pain for 96 long hours! My daughter had to be admitted NICU (Nursery-ICU) for 24 hours just after her birth because of the excessive bilirubin count (jaundice). I cried and stayed awake for the whole night. Needless to mention here that how I felt like an ungrateful slime ball who never appreciated her mother.
I had been selfish enough throughout the first twenty-five years of my life when I really took her for granted. I rarely cherished her mundane errands which kept her busy the whole day. I understood their significance when I lived alone in another city for my job. The realization part amplified once I got married and had to handle a household of my own. All those chores which she took care and I thought them as automated ones danced like devil in front of my eyes. I wished secretly so many times to hop into time machine and go back to those days when I didn’t acknowledge her efforts.
Last year when I suffered from a type of temporary Anosmia ( a medical state when you lose the smelling sense) and felt like a handicap person by losing one of the important senses  of my life. I felt so incomplete. Then I realized how difficult it was for her to deal with her hearing problem for so long. She is hearing impaired from one ear since her teenage days. But, she had been all ears for her kids to that extent that I was not even aware of her hearing problem for the first decade of my life.
None of her physical shortcomings created hurdle for her as she learned to deal with outside chores with same zeal as she participated in household work. Now, she takes care of the entire bank, post office related jobs, various bill payments and even filing income tax return. She keeps herself updated with the national & international news by her regular dosage of news paper and TV channels.
Today, life comes to a full circle when my toddler sways her hand and says ‘No’ to her Tiffin while munches happily whatever is there in her daycare friend’s lunch box. I can understand how she had felt when I compared my lunch box with my school mates’ box many times. I had been rude to her, acted so difficult sometimes and now I know that I might have to face the same music few years down the line.
Thus, I am taking this opportunity to say ‘Thank You Maa’ for all what you have given, all what you have restricted, for whatever you have taught, whatever you have instilled in my mind to make me the person what I am today. I now can comprehend what you used to say ‘'having a kid is like letting a part of yourself roam outside your body'’!

Two person in this world who made me understand the real meaning of Motherhood 


  1. Aah!!!! U r telling me!!!! I keep saying this, I realise what all pain I gave to my Mom when I see my son doing the same n more to me!!!

    Guess we need to see things in perspective to realise their real worth!!!

    Loved this post!

  2. True! Life does come full circle :)
    Lovely post!

  3. It all comes back to us and then only we realize the truths of life...
    Until I went to hostel and then got married, I had never realized how Mum had been and is my lifeline..

  4. Awww!! This is such a sweet post...
    And you are right!! i too took my mom for granted till i had my daughter...And now i realize how tough it must have been for her to care for 2 kids, home and office!!

  5. quite a post... amazing words that have etched in our minds the relationship you share with her... a lovely read :)

  6. This was a lovely post

  7. Lovely post for a lovely mother! Mothers are incarnations of the almighty on earth. Though we realize their efforts a bit late, they are always there for us all the time, no matter what.

    Until later,
    Keirthana :)

  8. Hi Nibedita,

    It was really nice to meet you and your daughter at the IndiBlogger meet today. I knew during the event itself that the first thing I had to do on reaching back home was to look out for people I had met in person in the blogland. And here I am!

    To tell you the truth, your posts have kept me glued to your blog. I have read more than 10 posts at a stretch and I'm finding it hard to hop to another person's blog from here. But the solution devised is to add you to my friend list through GFC and keep visiting you here.

    Before I leave, I'd like to invite you to my blog, Kreative Korner- Hope to see you there.


    P.S.- I read about your Allahabad connection in one of your posts. I have spent a little more than 20 years of my life there and happy to know that you are related to the place too. :) See ya!