Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Hit-back or Not!!

Few days back I witnessed a familiar incident in the lawn of my housing complex where many kids of age group 4-10 years were playing. Suddenly one of them pushed another kid after some verbal arguments and soon it turned out to be a freestyle wrestling show between those two boys.
One of the boys’ elder siblings of around 12 years of age appeared in the scene and started bullying the other kid. Few other kids also joined the fight and then it was utter chaos supplemented with loud cries by both the boys. They went back to their respective home and later in the evening we witnessed another round of verbal duel between their parents.
This incident compelled me to think that how would I react if my child is bullied or hit by some other kid. Even for that matter how should I tackle those incidences if my child gets involves in these kinds of fights. Although at present she is too small but within a couple of years I have to let her play with group of kids in my neighborhood.I can teach her not to hit others but what if this result in her getting bullied repeatedly.
Kids are generally taught to report these incidents to teachers in school & other adults when at home but I have witnessed that after sometime even people other than parents discourage the complains of the child and other kids might brand them as ‘cry baby’. Also, there would be times when no adult is nearby then the course of immediate solution remains translucent.
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  1. Very true, Nibedita. Seems like a corollary to my post..:-)
    its a very tricky situation. There is indeed a very fine line between assertion and aggression. When you witness your child being intentionally hit, it is best to intervene and firmly remind the other kid that it is not a done thing. This will also indirectly convey the message to your child that one needs to stand up for self when put at an disadvantageous situation.

  2. I remember my brother coming home after being treated unfair in the playground. My mother would listen patiently and suggest him to talk to other kids about it , probably some one elder. And if the next day too he returned same way , I or my sister were given the task to go have a talk.

    Never a fight. Neither my bro , nor me or sis.

  3. very nicely written and lesson to all parents about how to tackle that fine line between being an obsessive parent and a enabling parent!

    Until later,
    Keirthana :)