Sunday, 27 May 2012

Your toy is better...!!!

I have observed a quite typical phenomena as I take Mishti to our housing complex lawn every evening. All the new moms accompanying their babies & toddlers come down to grab some fresh air & latest gosspis. All these kids are too young to understand the concept of playing together and thus show their antiques individually. Some who have learned to walk run around in the lawn and eye on plucking flowers & leaves. Few keep clinging to their mommies and want to play with them only. Mishti is yet to walk on her own so she loves crawling on the grass and try to follow elder kids who run around. 

Now few even come down with their balls, bats and rackets. Mishti got a big red ball at home but she rarely plays with it. However the moment she find any other kid with some ball she pounces on it. To ease out the matter I also took that red ball to lawn. But now every other kid was playing with it except Mishti!!! So, it happens like that kid V likes Mishti's ball, Mishti tries to snatch the sipper of kid S. Kid B loves to play with bat of kid A. No body likes their own toy/stuff but finds other's stuff more interesting.

Observing this, a thought ran my mind. Aren't we adults behave the same way??? We rarely appreciate what we have rather whine for those things which other's have. We always want what others have in their life. Ambitions, aspirations, dreams would be more sweet once accomplished if we value the small things which is there in our life...Isn't it!!!

Mishti in lawn


  1. I agree :)
    Mishti is looking adorable in that picture :)

  2. Mishti is saying Thnx :-D

  3. Rightly said!! :) Mishti is so cute n this pic :)