Friday, 18 May 2012

Mishti Tunes....

Mishti just looooves music....Any jingle-tingle, peppy, loud, full of beats song grabs her attention. But surprisingly, sometimes she even stops to listen some soothing melodious numbers as well. Whenever she is cranky or is focusing on some mischief, any music channel or youtube is our first saviour. 

Her latest favourites are :

(Master ji ki aa gayi Chithii...)
This is a song from a movie of 70's. Listen to the song and you would know why a kid would love to hear it.

It is a treat to see Mishti watching this video..she cracks into laughter with each animal sound.

I came to know about Teletubbies  from Zoe's Mom and one day when Mishti was shrieking as she banged her head to some furniture, I found this song in youtube....Ohh God!! Mishti stopped crying at once and burst into giggles.

But still her all time favourites are:

Hawa Hawa song from Rockstar.....she even tries kind of dancing by moving & swaying her hands!!

Sadda haq from same movie....I don't know why but Mishti seems obsessed with this one !!

Ooo La la from Dirty Picture....yes I am embarrassed to core but cannot deny that Mishti is a beeeeg Faaaaaaaan of this song since she was 4 months old!!!


Right now, I am quite excited about Mishti's first Birthday celebrations and planning a lot about it. Would come up with more details soon.


  1. Thanks so much for uploading Masterji ki aa gayee chitthi... One of my favorite since I was a kid.

    BTW what are the plans for Mishti's 1st B'day... U must be super excited.

    1. Planned a party as this would be the first celebration for her...abhi to invitation mail & guest list hi prepare kar rahe hai.. :-)

  2. Nice!! When is Mishti's first B'day?? Lots of love and hugs to her.. :-)

    1. Thnx...her bday is on 1st June..... :-)

  3. lots of love to cute Mishti :) teletubbies is my fav too, even now! :D

    1. Mishti is saying Thnx to u....i came to know about Teletubbies now