Saturday, 26 May 2012

Family Time...Huh!!!

Last Saturday we went to Ambience Mall (I read somewhere that this is almost one km stretched mall). Our main purpose was to buy lot of stuffs & gifts for some office contest in SG's office. As SG hopped stores to get the right stuff, I & my sis (Mishti tagged along) moved away for our retail therapy. 

While sis was busy with trying various clothes, Mishti decided to clean the store's floor by rolling on it. She even wriggled herself from my lap to crawl on floor and managed to receive compliments like ' choo chweet...awww look she is cutuu' and all from many strangers. After a while I try to divert her attention from crawling and took her outside the store and walk towards the decorative fountain.

While I park my butt in one of the seats around the fountain I saw an elderly septuagenarian couple sitting next to me. I had previously noticed them almost an hour ago sitting visibly bored at the same place when we had entered the mall. 
So, what I inferred from their conversation is that they were waiting for their sons, DILs & grand children. The elderly man was cribbing that he can't even read his newspaper here and the lady pushed the blame on him saying it is because of his insistence they have to accompany their family to the mall.  It seems like their dutiful family had taken them out in pretext of gala family time (which they were having indeed...). After making them wait for almost more than couple of hours they returned and were all chirpy about exciting gaming experience they had in Gaming Ally situated in 4th Floor. The kids & teens of the family wanted to re-visit that floor and kept on insisting their grandparents to accompany them this time. When they refused sweetly quoting their incapacity of stamina one of the DIL got the clue and moved the herd back to home. 

It was clear that the family was there to have some good 'family time' and did not wanted to exclude the elders....but my question remains that is this a way to spend 'quality family time'. Might be their intention was good to let the elders experience the mall culture but shouldn't they had been more sensitive towards the notion of 'relax time' for their elders. I understand that they did not wanted their grandparents to be left out but by making them wait in sedentary position for more than two hours was showcasing their insensitivity and selfish attitude. Shouldn't they have checked with their elders about their funda of  'family time' before insisting them to accompany to the mall? I wonder if I am over-reacting but this incident certainly made my blogging fingers itch..So, itch, itch, itch.....!!

My trick to stop her from rolling on the floor

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  1. Yes, you are right!!! How can we include in the truest sense of the term..that is hard, very very hard!