Tuesday, 8 May 2012

O ri Chirraiyya .....

The show 'Satyamev Jayate' ended with this heart-wrenching song. I sat there gaping the TV set moist-eyed. How can people stoop so low and act inhumane? How can a grand-mom try to kill her infant grand-daughters? People lose their sanity to pacify their crazy want for 'boy'.......No, they are no aliens, they are someone amongst us. We cannot save our skin saying that this does not happens in our family. We have to be the part of the change......and change starts at home. 

Amir Khan meticulously sailed us through the episode and explained many points & facts in a simple language like it is the father and not mother who is responsible for the gender of the child, what is a sex ratio of 914 : 1000 actually means, etc. so that the message reaches every strata of society. He highlighted the myth that this crime is rampant only in remote rural India. When a lady who is doctor by profession narrated her horrendous story which involves active participation in crime by her medico husband, parent in-laws who were in teaching profession and other highly qualified family members sent shivers down my spine. I felt pity on our judicial system when a lawyer narrated the apathetic and insensitive way of the judge who handled one the female foeticide cases and the way even after seven years nothing happened to the exposed doctors openly conducting illegal female -foeticide. 

I really like the way this show brought up the fact that multiple crimes like human trafficking, gang-rape or eve-teasing are all inter-related with female foeticide.But, somewhere I feel that only curbing female-foeticide with iron hands won't help......might be that way more and more baby girls would be abandoned or killed as they still remain 'unwanted' by their family.  So, we have to dig the question "Why they want a boy" at first place.

A son is essential to carry forward one's 'vansh'

Girls are always 'Paraya Dhan'. Also, so much real-time 'dhan(money)' is required to get married this 'Paraya dhan' that people are scared to have daughters. You see, how another monster 'dowry' comfortable popped here unnoticed!!

A son would take care of his parents in old -age. Why can't a daughter take care of her parents like a son??

There might be many more reasoning going on in those people's minds who transforms into cruel cannibals for the want of a male heir.  So this issue needs to be addressed first and then other would follow eventually.

This show also highlighted the people who showed enough courage to initiate the change. We saw an illiterate vegetable vendor voiced her liking for a daughter while many highly-qualified and so called educated lot rubbed their grey cells to device more cruel way to kill unborn girls. Contrary to the common belief it is not always men who danced in this death carnival but are equally supported by female counterparts. I loved the sensible way this show was conducted and appreciate the research done to air this episode.

Being a optimist, I just hope that this show strikes the right chord in the mind of these diseased people and brings in the required change in their mindset and thought process.


  1. Heart-rending indeed.

    There are many, many people who are silently holding their own against the united criminals of humanity.

    1. Welcome here....This show did not showed anything we are unaware of....but for sure struck the chord...

  2. Great post! I loved the show too and felt a lot of resonance. Read your post and feeling the same :)

    Very strong issue which needs immediate attention of people and government.

    1. Glad that you liked this post....change starts at home..isn't it!!! proud to be a mom of a daughter :-)

  3. Loved it Nibedita... Ur post and the show.

    The state is sad, even more sad is the part that their are women involved in this heinous crime.
    I hope the doctors who were exposed by the sting operation get the right treatment. Aamir will personally meet the CM this week.

    1. Thnx for liking this post...show was superb.

      Hope the wave of change moves at least some blocks....:-)