Thursday, 5 April 2012

Standing tall.....

This post is now already five days late. 'Lazy me' can quote many lines like 'Better late than never' etc.but I am feeling more lazy even to quote them. Anyways, Mishti achieved another milestone on the day she completed her 10 months. Yeah..She managed to stand on her own. After the initial tumbles, now she grabs anything in sight and stands like a pro! 

"Aaj main apne pairon pe khadi hokar duniya ko dikha doongi"
(Just look at her facial expression!)

"Yessss, I managed this standing task"

"Whoohoo...I can balance myself with one hand as well"

I have to watch TV as well.....


  1. She is so so cute... a kaala tikka post!! Loving her expressions... Great job Mishti :)