Sunday, 1 April 2012


Mishti got her first ever 'Kanya - Poojan' invitation today. In detail, she would be one of the nine 'Kanya' who are going to take part in that Nav-Ratri Pooja.

As a kid I remember how exciting it would to be a 'Kanya' where you get the royal treatment. Host would arrange food (Bhog!!!) with yummy "Poori, Kale chane & Halwa".Before meal they would 'touch your feet'(as you are one of the nine devi(Goddess) for them) and give money & a beautiful red 'Odhni' as well. 

But girls who have not attended puberty are only eligible for this esteemed(!!) 'Kanya' position. So, when my periods started at the age of 11, which was very early though I was not invited for any 'Kanya' Pooja......I used to feel so bad and left -out without even knowing the reason as all girls of my age in my neighborhood would still be a part of it. Later on, when I understood the reason behind this, I was more than annoyed. That time I thought that I would never send my daughter to participate in these baseless rituals so that she should saved of the mental agony which I went through.

However, now I feel that I should act less like a typical control freak and let Mishti face these situations on her own. Anyways, it is still too early though for her to understand these weird customs...till that time it is actually a'Play date' for enjoyyyy!!!

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