Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Myths & Remedies....!!!

Now a days Mishti is taken daily for her lawn outing in evening. So yesterday, while sitting with Mishti on that wooden bench I observed a bunch of little girls playing /chatting. Suddenly while getting up one girl's forehead brushed with another's head......the first girl started going when the second girl called her back. "we need to collide our heads once again otherwise we would get horns (Seeng)!!!!". 

This was funny but even I used to believe it as a kid!! So, what all I can recollect from my memory here are few myths which I believed to core as a kid. I am still not sure how I learnt these myths because my 'Thama' (grand mom) was way too progressive to believe in these lines and my mom also never taught me about them...might be possible from school mates I got these ideas!!

(Disclaimer: All the myths & remedies mentioned below are folklore ...believe them or implement them at your own risk.)

Myth 1: One time head/fore head collision can result in eruption of horns from you forehead.
Remedy: Collide it again...Yes I am serious, we used to do this deliberately!

Myth 2: Do not pluck leaves or flowers after sun-set...or for that matter Do not touch the tree/plant at all.'Bhoot' will not spare you...mind it!!!
Remedy: Even if you have done this unknowingly just pray to the 'Tree GOD' for forgiveness.

Myth 3: If someone is sitting or lying do not cross over them. It stops their height growth (Considering my vertically challenged figure, I am damn sure that the crowd which gathers for 'Kumbh Mela' at my hometown must have crossed over me while I was sitting!!!)
Remedy: Cross again but this time from opposite side!

Myth 4: Do not touch feet if anyone is sleeping or symbolical to touching feet of a dead body!!
Remedy: I do not know...but yes this one was followed in my family and we used to get lot scolding if done.

Myth 5: If you happen to touch any stuff related to studies ( books, pens, pencils, eraser....) with your feet or for that matter if any of these fall to ground , you would surely get a blot in your academic career!!
Remedy: Pick it up touch it with you forehead and kiss it. I follow this still today as was told once as kid that actually Goddess Saraswati ( Goddess of learning & education) resides in all these items.

Myth 6: Snakes do come out and start dancing (not like Chikni Chameli but just swaying their hood!!!) if that particular 'Been' (musical instrument) is played. The credit of this belief goes to movie 'Nagina' where Sridevi who was actually a 'Nagin'(snake) starts dancing like inebriated person every time the tune was played.
Remedy: Run away from that place where this tune is played!!

Myth 7: If you see a funeral procession, always put palm of your hand to your head till the time it is not out of sight. I am not sure what happens if we fail to follow this one.
Remedy: I don't know.

Myth 8: Never throw any discarded stuff from you body like used bandage/cotton, bunch of you hair unattended outside. Might be this was a way to teach hygiene actually.
Remedy: Spit on it and then throw ( goes hygiene out of window!!!)

So this is what I can remember for now...would surely add on if can recollect more!! But honestly, feeling very nice as I go through my childhood days in my mind while writing this post.


  1. I too have heard these from my school friends except #8. I am with you not having heard these from the family for they never believed in such myths.
    I am sure Mishti must be loving her visits to the lawn in evenings :)

    1. Yeah....Mishti enjoys those evening outings so mch....giggles & shrieks wen she sees other kids running & cycling....:-)

  2. I used to follow almost all of these myths.. especially the tree touching, books, crossing a sleeping person, head collision :) There is one more I can think of.. when a crow shouts at the window early in the morning.. we believed that guests would arrive that day! One more - My mom never let us say the word "Monkey" in any language. She would say, we will become monkeys ourselves and made us pinch our ears (apologizing). This myth worked on us only until we were 8-10 yrs :)
    Suddenly, I can think of more... :) Will do a post soon instead of clogging your space:)

    1. Hey what's this space clogging and all ....????? come on... :-)
      'Monkey' one was cute... ;-)
      Awaiting ur post..... :-)

  3. haha :) here is the link to my post..

    I must thank you.. it was so much fun living through those memories again...