Thursday, 12 April 2012

Lovely Mausam....

Thunderstorm struck Delhi-NCR last evening and it has been pouring the whole night. Mercury has slashed down with cool breeze blowing. Very unlikely weather for month of April when people of Gurgaon were already prepared themselves for hot dry days with scorching sun over their head.
Anyways, this weather takes me down the memory lane.

As Kid:

'Rainy Day'.......Ahhh going to school all drenched and coming back within an hour...then eating the lunch box at home within next one hour!!!...then the whole morning & afternoon can be spent on colouring & reading books :-)

Listening to Thama's stories while lying beside her.

'Khichudi'....the typical bengali style Khichdi accompanied with 'Beguni' & Pyaz Pakori...this is what prepared by mom for lunch.

After 10 Years:

Reading book with rain drops making tip- top sound on the asbestos roof of my room

Chatting with friends catching some latest gossips or just endless ramblings.

After few years (while on job):

Discussing office politics, appraisals, scorecards, pending trainings over 'chhoti chai' with 'matthi' at roadside dhaba with colleagues.

If at home, catching some extra sleep tucked under a bed sheet. 


Running around with wet, damp & not so wet washed clothes (70% comprises of Mishti's stuffs) and  shifting their position in balcony.

Constantly worrying that whether Mishti is wearing season appropriate clothes so that she doesn't catches cold.

Making changes in Mishti's diet and excluding any food which can cause cold as weather is edgy again.

After Mishti sleeps, I try to finish my chores hastily and sneak to the bed silently to see that li'l lady is wide awake and ready to jump on me for playtime.

(This pic is clicked by my cousin SRC)
(This one is best out of three successful shots out of 80 continuous shots on full manual mode)


  1. Hi.. Reached your blog through blogadda.. A very true and nostalgic post indeed... Nice blog :-)

    1. Thnx Radhika...welcome here....keep visiting my blog

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