Tuesday, 10 April 2012


As I mentioned earlier, Mishti is very fond of TV commercials. One of her latest liking is the Nestea commercial which features a mamma & baby Kangaroo.

This is a cute ad which talks about 'remix' for the older generation so that they can gel with the newer lot. Suddenly Thama's (my grand mom) thought came to my mind.... specifically I remember one incident.

It was in the year 2002. I came back home after watching movie 'Devdas' with my friends. At that time Thama was almost bed-ridden suffering from Parkinson's disease & brain atrophy. Due to this brain atrophy she had almost shelled herself and would speak hardly one or two sentence a day . Doctors had advised us to talk to her  a lot and and also make her speak. It was a tough job....the lady who had spent hours talking to us earlier would respond in mono-syllables due to her mental condition.But sometimes, she would get irritated with our constant nag to talk and her original self would come out and would reply with her typical 'Bishaka Bose' like response!!! So, I sat near her .....

Me: Thama, today I went to watch Devdas......
Thama: Hmmm...ok
M: You know the story of Devdas, right!
Th: Yes...
M: But, do you know in this Devdas, Shahrukh Khan was there.
Th: That means this a newer version....
M: (enthusiastically...as she spoke a sentence now) ...Yes this is recent one...You know Madhuri & Aishwarya were also there and the songs , costume....blah, blah, blah.
Th: Hmmmmm
M: (trying to make her express her views) But you know you might not have liked this version as they changed few things in this movie....In the original story Paro never met Chandramukhi but in this one they even danced together!!
Th: It's OK...They have to change and improvise as per public's choice......
M: (trying hard....) But don't you feel bad that they twisted the original script of Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay.....
Th: No. not at all..with whatever changes , at least they have recreated the old script and presented to you otherwise would you guys have watched or known this 'Devdas' story.....I bet you would have never watched Devdas with K.L Saigal or Dilip Kumar...it is just because this Khan boy was dancing you went to watch......In a way it is good I believe.
Now can you just let me sleep!!!

Why I shared this incident....just to say that getting 'remix' is in your mind, you thoughts, your opinions. Thama could have easily cribbed about the fact how this new generation made a joke of the original story and blah blah....but she chose to 'remix' her views!!!


  1. Excellent post to reminisce about those special moments from one's past spent with the near & dear ones...wish all of us retain a down to earth (cool!) attitude towards all things modern as we get older. I loved the way you have brought it out.....crisp like a movie clip!

    1. Glad that you liked it :-)..she was really 'cool' na!!!

  2. Actually we have a preconcieved notion about the elders. We feel they don't like the change and are rigid in their views but in reality they like accept the new versions more easily than us. Another thing we usually think that in old age people like to stay in calm and serene atmosphere but i have observed my octogenarian mother, mother in law and uncles like to be near the buzz!

    1. You are so right when you say that old people love to be near the buzz...Yes at that age one thing they hate most is loneliness and too much calm & serene atmosphere make them feel alone...

      Welcome here :-).. Keep visiting my blog.