Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Recapture of 2011...

(Warning: Long post ahead. Also, this is late as I thought of posting it before 1st Jan, 2012.)
So when everyone is either busy in welcoming the New Year or bidding adieu to 2011, I thought of re capturing this year in monthly format.
2011 is one of the important years of my life… Mishti is born this year!!  So physically, psychologically & socially it has been an evolving year which brought so many changes in all spheres of my life.
January started with really annoying petty issues about which might be someday I would be able to blog. As I was expecting Mishti that time so on 17th we went to Kali-Bari (Goddess Kali temple) for my “Panchamrit “ritual. I was fed by the priest the Prasad made up of five pious (high caloric..!!) items like Ghee etc.
February was pretty cool month. Only once I had to rush to doctor other than my regular check up when I was in office and it started spotting. I called SG and informed my boss about my emergency. We rushed to the doctor for a scan and everything came out to be normal…what a relief! (We even had burger while on our way back….:-))
March was although quite non-happening in personal sphere but my professional environment was going through lots of changes. Too many rumors were floating around regarding some big changes in the organization and specifically in our department.
April begun with our visit to Allahabad for my “Saadh” ceremony (baby shower). This is a ritual where mother or mother –in-law treats the would-be mom with lots of delicacies and showers gifts. I was bit tensed in the back of my mind as I was travelling in my 7th month with a huge tummy.
May was my 8th month of pregnancy. I was still going to work regularly. I was completely fine but only felt like hitting few people for poking their nose in my life. Also, this month as my 9th month started, my mom came and she stayed till August (big hug to her).
June arrived with the delivery of my baby the first day of the month. After that, really my world changed. First few days, I was not sure how to react or handle the feelings.
July onwards my life became quite predictable. Crying & mood swings happened lot many times (let’s blame it on post-delivery depression…).
August was quite similar to July. By end of this month I unwillingly headed towards Allahabad for two months stay. Yeah…this is month when I wrote my first blog.
September was kind of depressing month. I got framed!!! Wish I could blog about it… L.The only silver lining was SG got a new job in a desirable role & designation. Ohh…yes, By 20th We came back to Gurgaon and was hit with mild dengue which triggered some weird things in my blood which gifted me joint pains which is with me till today.
October started with Durga Puja and we enjoyed a lot with Mishti tagged along with. My litmus test period had already started as I was handling Mishti all alone (no nanny as well).
November was our anniversary month. We celebrated with family and friends in a local restaurant. On personal front it was quite lean month. I was juggling with taking care of Mishti & house hold work.
P.S. I wrote maximum number of blogs this month…J
December was my birth month, so celebrate karna to banta hai…….. My parents visited us thus had a wonderful time with my family. Also, for few days, I didn’t have to worry about Mishti as my mom & sis was around all the time…J
I was quite struggling to write this blog as there were so many things which I am not able to recollect properly and also other things about which I want to write a lot. But still I managed to finish this post as this is the only way to record events of 2011.
I start New Year with no resolutions as I feel bonded with these things. Just few things which I want to apply to my life sincerely:
Write blogs regularly as this is only way of utilizing my “ME” time.
Be more organized, if necessary start using notebooks to remember all the small things I forget like giving electricity bill cheque on time, booking gas,…etc(list is long).
Continue doing the fantabulous (!!!) task of handling Mishti. Yes…I am confident that I am trying to be an excellent mom so would continue that.
There might be few more things which I would like to do in this 2012 but would add them eventually.

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