Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Happy Birthday to me.....

Last 19th it was my 31st birthday. This year we have celebrated it on 17th (being 19th a Monday, my practical hubby threw the party on Saturday so that nobody’s daily routine is disturbed). So, on 19th as the temperature outside was 1.8 degrees, a lazy sloth like me spent the day in the house only.
This chilling winter is one thing which I really hate about my birthday. Ohh gosh…I still wonder how my mom had managed to make me wear winterwears when I was just born!!!!!.
Anyways, as in this post I am going to rant about my various memories related to my birthday, so let me start with the most exciting part of any birthday, i.e. gifts. Alas….80% of my birthday gifts are winter wears.  One birthday gift I do remember when I got a combo of 12 board games in one pack (Chinese checkers, zoologic etc…) as gift from my parents on my 10th or 11th birthday. My dad played a prank while giving it to me. He called me and started scolding me saying one of my neighbors had complained that I hit her. He asked me to stand in a corner and then suddenly placed this game pack in my hand…..ohhhh I was so thrilled.
As every year this day falls during the winter vacation thus invariably I have missed that experience where you go to school in a new dress other than school uniform (kids used to do that time), distribute toffees, gather greeting cards and get exempted from all the scoldings!!!
We never had lavish birthday parties as kids but yes it was celebrated in quite a homely way. On my 8th or 9th birthday we went out for dinner (me, my parents, grandparents & sis). I do remember this as those days eating out was not at all common like today.
When I grew up, birthday was celebrated with few friends for dinner at home when mom would cook variety of delicacies.  One incident I remember, it was the year 2002, as my dadu (grand-dad) died the same year, so we decided not to call any friends for dinner. However, my mom still cooked few items (like payes (kheer), macher chop (fish cutlets) etc. as she anticipated that my friends would visit me for giving gifts (and obviously wishing birthday). She was right, few close friends visited with gifts and we were enjoying the food when one of our neighborhood lady visited our place (She was of a kind who loved to poke her nose in other’s life and spread juicy news about it…!!!!). Next day, she duly informed all my other friends in the locality (who did not visited yesterday) that I had a secret party at my place where I did not invited them purposely!!!!
Another birthday, two of my friends (one is my hubby now) got two big cakes as gifts. So we ate only cake for breakfast for next three-four days…!!!
One one of birthday I was quite upset with my ex-BF as he gave me a contributed gift (when few of your friends contribute money and get a common expensive gift). My expectation was that atleast he could have used some of his mind's energy to get something exclusive for me....:-)

After marriage, my hubby has ensured to throw a party every year on that day. Not a very grand one, but few of our local friends and cousins were invited for drinks & food.
Last year I lost my phone on my birthday...!!!!But I would say GOD is great as it's being my birthday & also as I was expecting Mishti nobody(people like my hubby or my dad) scolded me.
This year my birthday was significant as I discovered one white hair…!!! on my scalp…it’s my first one!!!
Getting old….huh!!! I would have my thirties rocking the same way as my previous decades.

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