Sunday, 4 December 2011

What's goin on??

Do you remember the song of ‘Salaam-Namaste’ which says “Poune barah baje, dono ghar se chale….What’s goin on”. So last Thursday, Mishti’s parents recreated the same song but obviously the mood was completely different (coz life is not a Hindi movie….!!). Let me start from the beginning.
1st Dec was one of those happening days. When I say happening don’t run your imaginations wild, for a SAHM, baby puking thrice for the first time is quite disturbing and happening. Also, I am bit jinxed about a stupid issue. My date of birth is 19th. If you add 1+9 = 10;1+0=1, so as per numerology my number is 1. I feel that all those days which eventually are number 1 are generally happening for me. I mean to say dates like 1,10,19 & 28 are those days of month when something happens which is other than normal routine!!(Do not laugh, at least not on my face). I mentioned before that it is a stupid issue, there are many important events of my life which does not happened on these days, e.g. my marriage (is it not happening enough???), my first job(???), so consider it as a funny superstition!!.
Anyways, coming back to the context, Mishti puked thrice on that day so I worriedly called SG (hubby) in office. He came home early and took us to the doctor. It was nothing serious as the Doc said so we came back in the evening. When I was preparing formula milk for her in night, I suddenly realized that Lactogen is about to finish….!!!. What about her midnight feeds? So now the inevitable blame game started.
My story: I have told SG last three days to get this Lactogen. First day he ignored, second day he had an office event so came back late in the night and third day we were more concerned about the puking issue so forgot!! He blamed me that if he didn’t get it on first day why I never pointed out? Honestly, it slipped out of my mind as well.
SG’s story: I know she told me three days about it but if she can remember all the days and issues of our fights which happened long back then why can’t she remember to remind me about this? Last day she should have mentioned it strongly that it’s gonna finish!!!
So I have decided that from next time I would dance a bit and then remind SG if something has to be bought on priority…he might get the importance of issue then. (Any ways, did someone notice how  my side of story looks more convincing , isn’t it??. So what, this is my blog…this much leverage I can take…right!!!). We explored the option of giving her normal milk in a dilute form but then this would be the first time for her to have something other than her formula milk. We were apprehensive and ruled out the idea. (and also if it does not suit her system then again this blame game would start..Let’s play safe!!)
So at 11:45 PM after a bad arguement we went out to get the Lactogen. It was like Obama & Osama sitting in the same car and looking out for something!!! Finally, got that thing in a nearby (about 6 km) hospital’s pharmacy. Now you understand why I said "Poune barah baje, dono ghar se chale…What’s going on!!!”

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