Friday, 27 January 2012

Please...let her die!!!

Today's Times of India sent shivers to my spine. As a human being my head hung in shame when I read about this barbaric act on a two year old girl , who is almost battered to death. Literally my blood boiled when I read the article....was that culprit mentally what degree of perversion can a monster have?  Now, so many big shots has jumped into the scenario and are trying to grab the limelight. For next few days, media would also flash the details of this incident and in a couple of days would forget it altogether. 

But one thing I really want is that this girl should not recover or live anymore. I know I may sound very weird but yes....that girl must die. At least her pain & plight can be healed with her death....which would not be possible if she lives. With a critical head injury, she might remain mentally impaired for rest of her life which is again traumatic. And if her parents are not found then she would be send to rot into any city orphanage where she might face another series of traumatic incidents like this piece of news.
GOD....can't these monsters be stoned or lynched to death publicly. No...I can't think any more about this. Simply horrendous!!! GOD please take that li'l baby under your wings as soon as possible. 


  1. I saw this news and was horrified. I hope her parents are found, what if she is from a loving family and the parents are looking for her? But I also hope those who did this to her caught and severely punished.
    This was very disturbing.

  2. Horrific,disturbing and very very sad.

  3. horrible indeed...and the trails are now following to child trafficking........:-(