Monday, 9 January 2012

Ye to Ibtida hai......

Actual date of this post is 6th Jan, 2012.

So Mishti had her first fall today. I went to answer the nature's call and she was lying on the couch appropriately shielded by 3-4 cushions. Suddenly heard a loud cry and rushed to see that she was on floor alongwith a cushin and entagled in a shawl. Immidiately picked her up nad tried to find any visible, nothing was this time Mishti has started her usual giggle sessions. So, learning for the day, now put Mishti on a play mat whenever going out of her sight.

I know these falls & accidents are a part of her growing up but still felt guilty (can't the nature's call be answered while she was sleeping....wish human body could have been proggrammed!!!).

While sleeping as well Mishti tends to move like the hands of the clock and many times I wake up with her constant kicks on my face.

She has also achieved her milestone of sitting without support. Thus, now she enjoys all the "filmi" songs on MTV & 9XM sitting upright and moving her body to the tune.

Her "Dida" (my mom) got Payal for her.

Mishti with her first hair accessories

Check out her new shoes for New year party

P.S. The title of this post means this is just the beginning.....

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