Friday, 20 January 2012

I am Hating this....!!!

Yeah...I am hating this winters like is so chilly here in Gurgaon.Since last four days, even Sun is also sleeping under his blanket. My whole drawing room is looking like a Dhobi-Ghat where all sorts of semi-wet clothes are dangling on every possible piece of  furniture. You see...semi wet clothes decorating the room as the wet ones waiting in queue for last couple of days in balcony. 

Born in December, I am supposed to be a winter baby (who the hell took this logic out of his/her great mind!!!!). I do not exactly remember about my preference for any season while I was a kid, but once when one of my aunt asked  I did said "WINTERS" as doing homework under the big "Rajai"( big blanket with stuffed cotton) and hideously coloring you drawing book while everyone else assumes you are studying was great fun.
However later I felt summers are better as you get more play time than winters (Those days we were allowed to play outside till it is dark...and obviously sunset is late in summers). Although in winters after coming back from school in afternoon we got the leverage to play around while all mothers finish their knitting in some terrace or nearby park under the sun.

Then in teens, I started liking "winters' again. We used to go to school cycling and summer sun caused a lot of tanning to us (He He..beautiful skin attacked by scorching sun). Those days, as school girls we were unaware about the concept of sun-block lotions, SPF, etc. The only aid which was used were cotton gloves which covered our arms only till just above the elbow, so, the skin colour of your arms would look like somewhat that colourmeter strip they show in fairness cream advertisement....dark but not so tanned till above elbow, tanned till the sleeves of the half -sleeve school shirts and then your own skin colour above that!!!

But now, these winters are killing me. When most of your daily chores involves water (remember I am Mishti's Mom who is 7months old) it seems like some kind of painful punishment. I do not understand when these news papers say its two degree more today or the maximum was this and minimum that yesterday ...the only thing I feel is chiiiiilling cold all the time.

As if this horrible cold is not enough that we have this 'What The F' (F= Fog). The fog blanket is really horrendous in Gurgaon where till last year I do remember getting lost multiple times while coming back from office at odd hours. Transport services are at the receiving end of this fog. Trains cancelled, flights delayed, office cabs not making on time...the list is long. Imagine waiting for the office cab for three hours post your office shift timings in this weather!!!
I do remember this funny incident when year before last we were waiting for cabs and it was horrible mess in the transport area (area from where cabs departed for their destination).There was huge shortage of cabs as the cabs who went for staff pick-ups did not returned due to dense fog.After waiting for almost three hours, we literally "gheraoed' the Transport officials. Due to this they hurriedly packed us ( around 8 people from our area) in a cab whose driver was sleeping of to his glory. We started from office and reached the highway with that grumbling driver who was visibly upset because of waken up from his sleep.The fog was at zero visbility mode when suddenly we realized that he had not switched on the headlight of that "Tata Sumo". We asked him politely to do so which he ignored. Then after all of us made multiple requests, he shouted back in his dialect "Madam ji, marne ka shauk manne bhi na hai, je gaddi mein lite hoti to kabka jalaya hota....lite tooti hai" ( Madam, even I do not want to die, if this cab had head lights, I would have switched it's broken). So, now we all tried hard to remind GOD of our good deeds to help us to reach home safely!!

Now even I am feeling my fingers are jammed ....Winters, winters, why don't you just go away!!!

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