Friday, 2 September 2011

It couldn’t have been better.......!!!!

As I start my first independent blog, what could have been a better topic than the birth story of my li'l doll. Obviously, birth of the baby would be the climax of the story.

To begin with, when we were confirmed that I am expecting, I started making better use of internet other than social networking & online games. In few days I was bursting with information about pregnancy and various scenarios attached to it. As we had decided not to divulge the news to anyone else till the 2nd trimester therefore my hubby -SG and my sis were the only person to whom I was able to show-off my knowledge!!.

1st Trimester: It started with a worrying face of doctor who clearly said it is a 50-50 situation. With a tendency of High BP (140/90) and a history of Thyroid problem, "extra-careful" was the keyword. My doctor took no chance and scanned me every fortnight. With no morning sickness or queasiness and increased gluttonous appetite, I utilized this opportunity to pamper myself with all those banned foods which I generally had to avoid being overweight. So most of the doc's visits were followed by heavy lunch at some food joints. At home, my sis heartily fulfilled my demands of Paranthas and Aloo -Bhaja (yummy bengali version of french-fries) and other similar not-so-healthy stuffs.

2nd Trimester: This was the most stable period of my pregnancy which started with the excitement and joy of our family members and friends when they were told about the news. It followed with a long list of do's-n-don'ts. Also, My doc found out about my eating rendezvous and caught me red-handed with a BP of 140/110 thus restricted my non-veg, oily and other tempting foods completely..:-(. I continued to gather information from all possible sources about pregnancy and a new born. But soon, all the excitement settled down and boredom started creeping in.

3rd trimester: By my 7th month, I really thought of writing application to Mother- Nature for trimming the human gestational period to 6 months or less (could have saved so much time...!!!). My "Saadh” ceremony (Bengali ritual similar to baby-shower) also happened this month. Ohh yes..not to mention that my BP dropped to 130/90 and my doc was now convinced that stopping all supplies of yummy food is the only way to keep my health chart normal.....:-(  
I continued my work and as I had no complications so never took any extra sick leaves. But the most irritating question I faced from my 8th month was "When are you going on your Maternity leaves?". This line changed with my 9th month as " When are you gonna stop coming to office?” Every time, I felt like telling them to mind their own business. If I am feeling fine and if my doc has no problem then why should anyone forcibly make me feel that I am a nerd who does not care about her pregnancy!!!

Anyways, till 27th May I went to office and went for routine check-up on 28th. Doc told me that my baby is almost 3.1 kgs and if we wait more then might be there is a chance of C-section. All other aspects like AF count, baby head-down position etc was completely in-sync. She asked us to decide on a date next week when I can be induced pain artificially. 1st June was zeroed as the D-Day. Honestly, I was not afraid but kind of relieved as would be getting rid of the huge tummy soon!!!

1st June, 2011: Day started with dose of medicine which was supposed to start contractions (pain) within couple of hours. But as nothing happened, I prepared the breakfast and then we headed towards the hospital. Like any of our regular drives this time also we had confusion about the way to hospital (we always met our doc in her clinic earlier) and me & SG had arguments about it. Finally at 12PM we reached hospital and my pain started around 12:30 PM. By 15:19 Hrs my baby was born. I was told it is a baby girl in the OT and then sedated. When I regained my senses, my mom gave my girl to my lap first I really found the li'l one quite weird!!! SG told me that he had already decided her nickname as “Mishti”. Nice name...I thought and readily agreed to this as it is gonna heighten the chance that name of my choice would be finalized as her official name…J!!!!

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