Monday, 7 November 2011

Belated festival update.

From a lazy bone like me this festival update is still quite early, I even planned to combine the Christmas n New Year updates and then publish!!!

This was the first Durga Puja & Diwali for Mishti although she won't remember anything but still we tried to involve her in all functions. Every morning starting from Panchami till Dashmi (5 days of Durga Puja) mishti's mom & masi had elaborate discussion about her dress and shoe selection for the day. Cotton balls were stuffed in her eras to save her from loud noise of loudspeakers & crackers. Mishti  duly cooperated with us and was never cranky while we took her to various puja pandals & cultural functions. She even rendered her voice while we were listening to musical nite by a famous singer. Hawk eyed watch has to be kept on her as she was making prompt use of her hands & legs to pull off those ear cottons & shoes.

Very happy as she knows this dress change means an outing

Her Rath was taken everywhere and it was a savoiur for us as we didn't had to carry her all the time.

Ohh..coming back home after midnite is so tiring!!!

 so Tried my hands on rangoli for the first time.....Not bad!!!

Mishti on Diwali nite.....who is scared of crackers?? me or mamma?

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