Thursday, 24 November 2011

Height of Addiction....

Mishti has developed special attraction for TV advertisements jingles. Every time any such tune is played a smile flashes on her face. Although still her favourites are some worthless songs like 'Dhinka Chika', 'Chammak Challo' & 'Oooohh La La'  but now it has been observed that few advertisements numbers are also obliged by her highness. One of them is Bingo Mad Angles ad where it shows a spoof of Alibaba who says "Khul ja simba...khul ja sim-sim".

Today Mishti was taking her afternoon nap on the couch in drawing room and TV was on. Suddenly this ad was aired and she immediately woke up from her sleep, turned around looked into the screen and gave a broad smile. I was cursing myself for not lowering the volume of TV and thought that now she would be super- cranky because waken up from half sleep.

But wait.... as soon the ad was over she turned around again and slept off....!!!!. She slept for next 2 hours heartily.!!!! Wonder why I rush to prepare milk or start singing any random song ( hypothetically consider it as lullaby) whenever she wakes up in middle of night.....!!

She looks real 'Badmash...Isn't it!!!

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