Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Celebrating first morsel.......

On 9th october we had Mishti's Annaprashan (cermony to celebrate first morsel of solid food for infants). Although it is celebrated in much more grand way as per Bengali customs but due to some reasons it is followed as a low-key affair in my in-laws family.Ideally this fuction is done on odd months (5th,7th or 9th month) before first tooth comes out for a girl child. So, after much discussion it was slated on her 5th month as we already felt her gums bit hard (teething...!!!!) .

We went to Kalibari (Goddess Kali Temple) and her highness obliged us by not showing any bad mood and also not sleeping in between the rituals. She also liked the priest and flashed bigggg smiles at him.

Whoa....He is tying a new hair-band!!!

What is this...this is not my boring milk bottle??

Ohhh he is blessing me...I like this person!!!

No body told me what to do with this stuff??

Ohh simple...I can spit it out!!!!!

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