Friday, 4 November 2011

Life at a Call Centre….(Contd.)

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Few myths & beliefs:

 Adultery and Infidelity is an eligibility criterion for a BPO employee: Again, a trash and rotten thought. Weak character people are everywhere. That day I saw in news that a professor was beaten up by his wife as he was involved with one of his student. Does that mean that a dignified profession like teaching in maligned. No, it is again a freak odd example which is specific to some person.
BPO is dimensionless industry: It is believed that the BPO work experience is a completely waste as it is not considered in any other sector. This is true as the work ex of BPO at the beginner level is not useful to any other sector but as you grow the management practices and quality tools adapted by the designation is global and same is followed in all other corporate offices. I have seen people growing from scratch to peak in this industry. But then, if any person has pharmaceutical experience he cannot utilize his domain knowledge in finance sector so why to blame BPO sector only that sector switching cannot be done after a BPO job.
Night Shifts = characterless people working: Why we think that if a person is out of his/her home at night then he/she must be indulged in something unethical? If something immoral has to be done then would anybody wait for night only…..;-)
The requirement of the BPO business is to cater the business round the world clock so it works 24x7. Nowadays, even media houses, IT sectors also work in same format so BPOs are not the only one to promote night shifts. Security concerns are there but it can be minimized by the people themselves. I don’t deny that female employee security is a major concern in 24x7 format but appropriate measure are there to avoid them.
I know that there are people in BPO who feel that they are doing nothing and wasting the degree and their life. This package of displaced people would always be there who would be generally the cribbing lot and I can bet that they would crib even if they had been in their so-called degree related domain.
Hard work and sincerity pays off in this sector as well. The see-saw between the hardworkers and smartworkers is same as it is in any other corporate sectors.
Had we thought what would it be like if there were no BPOs? So many jobless people hanging around and I am not specifying only about white collared professionals but cab vendors, drivers, housekeeping staffs, security guards, canteen vendors and even roadside dhaba owners or parantha –maggi wala as well. Even more jobs mean to any government as more income tax payers.
So, why not treat this industry with the same respect and dignity as any other corporate sector. Malicious image personals would be there everywhere …let’s not link them with their professions.


  1. Honestly, I believed in the myths wch u mentioned....but ur post is gonna change my thinking.

  2. Hey! Nice article that.. Got a notification about your blog via a common Facebook friend (Devraj Roy).. You've done a good job so far.. Keep it up!! A small suggestion - Use a short name for the blog and use "My world through..." as a descriptive tagline!!
    P.S. I have also handled a team with Citi BO in 2007-08 (Samapan, Devraj, Shakti, Satya etc. were a part of it). Used to be called team 2607 during my tenure :-)

  3. A true MYTH BUSTER...Worked for BPO industry for 4 years and m proud of it