Saturday, 13 April 2013

L= Like

L is for Like. No, I am not talking about any affinity stuff but I am talking about that ‘Like’ button on Facebook which has transformed the actual meaning of this term. The Like button has come handy for the people who want to keep a tab on others lives but not actually bother to communicate with them.
Some key features about Like button are:
  • You can let your presence feel in the virtual world without taking the hassle of actual communication with your friends, relatives or any random person and still keep in touch.
  • This button can be used to reciprocate appreciation or 'liking' in virtual world. Liking each other’s status, posts & photographs sometimes are mere symbolism of ‘Scratching each other’s back’!
  • Invariably, A person professionally on a high position or a celebrity gather more number of likes even on their below average ‘wall staring’ snaps. You can butter up your boss by liking all his trash and even can feel yourself lucky that Facebook has made your life so easier….Imagine if have to 'like' everything about your boss in real life – face-to face!!
  • Spammers have found their way to hit the net-users with this ‘like’ weapon randomly. Many times you see a photograph posted on your wall of religious deity or famine hit children asking .pleading/threatening for a simple like from you. How can anyone express their devotion by a like button, or for that matter how would those disaster hit people would get help with your like? 
  • Like button is very helpful when you are lacking time or interest to give a simple compliment to anybody’s photograph. It also works when you actually do not want to appreciate at all….a and liking it in real mode is too difficult.
  • However, I strongly feel that Facebook should put up some ‘Unlike’ button as well. I am sure I would be using it so frequently!
  • Constantly liking all post, updates, photographs & videos of your latest crush might make him/her notice you.
  • Statutory warning: You might depressed with less number of likes received on your wall or might even feel jealous of others who overflow with 'Likes'

    So, these are my observation about this ‘Like button”..What do you think?? At least …Like it please!!
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  1. awessome post
    I too hate that fact tat ppl like hungry kids pics, God's images
    phew. I fail to understand why
    there surely shud be a provision for unlike button too
    Am sure FB will be a battle field then. I wrote somethng similar on these lines long back. THERES a lot to say on this but ending here ;)
    good day

  2. Interesting observations, Nibeditha, I was LOLing...I am not an avid 'liker' - I somehow prefer saying something - On a different note, I kind of scratch my head at people 'liking' their own statuses and pictures. Know what I mean??

  3. I don't think that by just liking and not commenting you are too lazy or not participating. I often just like something - I look at it as an agreement or recognition of what is posted. Sometimes words are unnecessary.
    But I found your views interesting.

  4. Time for a "Unlike" button I say

  5. very interesting post ! thanks for making me think, as I do not get much time for FB, the little time is easier to just click like, than to have long sentences written.

  6. This will make me think before I 'like' again. But I also know what Suzy and Angela are saying is true too.

  7. I sure like this post (gee) and yes time for an unlike button :)

  8. ah... no like button here ? :P for this post ! :P

  9. Agree ...I am the "Like" monster :)

  10. hehheeh!! I do use 'Like' a lot when I find my relatives and friends posting yet another 100 photos of their kids!! :D
    And, I totally agree with you about the Dislike button!! Wish that was a reality!!

  11. Agree completely, Nibedita. We need a Dislike button too.

  12. Unlike button would make life interesting on social networking sites ;)

  13. 'Like' button is a boon for those who want to show their appreciation and yet don't want to say anything more, or don't have the time to.. I find it a useful feature. I guess it is all a matter of perspective :)

  14. Loved your LOL take on the like button :) Enjoyed reading it...
    But i think i buy Shail's view!!

  15. I must say you have covered everything about the like button. I have an aversion to FB and hence the like button invariably falls in to the same category. IMHO, most people in FB do not lead a social life instead they lead a virtual life.

    Until later,
    Keirthana :)

  16. While Unlike button is definitely needed, Like button has its uses too and I second Shail on the pros of Like button :)