Saturday, 6 April 2013

B = Book love

Books…..Needless to mention here that I love reading. My love for books started early when I saw both my grandparents always took up reading as their favorite time pass.  I feel myself blessed to spend my childhood under their guidance while surrounded by books. My reading stint traversed in three languages….Hindi, English & Bengali.
 As a child, I guzzled up all the comic books in Hindi with prime characters like Chacha Choudhry, Billoo – Pinki, Nagraj, Super Commando Dhruv, Doga and many more. Apart from comic strips, I also bought occasionally magazines like ‘Champak, Lot-pot & Chandamama. My fascination with these comic strips continued till my early teen years and then I slowed down in reading books in Hindi. Another Hindi teen magazine which I used to read was ‘Suman-Saurabh’.
I learnt to read this language almost overnight when my dad played this trick and refused to buy me my monthly quota of two comic books in Hindi but in Bengali. Yeah…I read few of those comic books in Bengali as well!!. But, now I am really thankful to my dad for that. Without learning to read Bengali, I would have missed some spectacular literary works by awesome writers like SaratChandra, Shirsendu, Sunil Ganguly, Satyajit Ray, Ashapurna Devi, Leela Mazumdar and many more. I loved the ‘Feluda’ series by Satyajit Roy and have read all his books multiple times.
It started with Enid Blyton in my early teen years. I also subscribed to Reader’s Digest from my school library. I loved to read Ruskin Bond a lot and I still do. Then somehow my reading hobby took a backseat which rekindled in last few years. I have managed to read these & these many books in last few months.

I just want to pass on this passion of mine to Mishti and is somehow able to do so.  She has got a bagful of books which she loves to read out aloud in her own gibberish lingo. Books are the only stuff which can capture her attention till longest duration. Check out this one:

Plzz Don't disturb while I am with my books!


  1. Books are our best friends. I have also loved reading the same comics as you! And started with Enid Blytons and now I can read anything, non-fiction is not my choice still, though. I carry books with me everywhere and cant imagine a life without them! :)

    1. Even I carry books in my bag....and non fiction is not my cup of tea as well.

  2. I so loved this post :D
    I loved, love and will forever love reading books .
    Recently bought a compiled version of Feluda to relive the memories :)
    Have also gone through the rigmarole of pinky,billu, chacha chaudhary & raka , batul di great, nonte phonte and what not .
    I really can't remember when I started reading English books , but by class 5 , had finished the original versions of Pretty Women, Great Expectations and Heidi :)
    My plan for my kids :- gift them a harry potter book each year after they turn 10 :)

    1. Whoa...I got another Feluda fan...Feluda rocks :)

      I like the harry Potter book gifting idea :)

  3. Books give us a world of our own, don't they? I love reading though my languages are restricted to English and my native language - Tamil. That's a very wise decision to pass on the lovely habit to Mishti. She has a lot to enjoy out there :)

    Until later,
    Keirthana :)

    1. Mishti has got own mini library and she really enjoys her books :)

  4. I guess i was the only student who read all the fiction rack in school. Hardy boys and Famous five specially.

    Mom used to buy me hindi books with mythological stories and other such inspiring tales. Specially the books from Geeta press in rishikesh.


    1. I read Hardy Boys quite later but liked it a lot.

      Yeah even I got few Geeta Press books from my maternal uncle :)

  5. Yes, i remember Chacha Chaudhari, Champak, Chandamama and Nagraj comics!!
    I too started with Enid Blyton!!
    Glad to kknow Mishti too loves her books and tries to read herself :)
    Zini loves her books but doesn't try to read herself, she makes us tell the same story, a big torture to us :(

  6. Hi,

    Teach her to read early,she will love it,get those graded series for read book,you will be amazed at how soon she starts to remember common words.

    I love books and I think mine started with reading crime thrillers and the rest followed later.I still have the entire Feluda volume,love him,our own Sherlock Holmes. Do a book post and write about the books u r reading and liking.It would be fun.

  7. Hi,
    Teach Mishti to read too,and see how soon she starts to remember the common words,my 3.5 yrs son can read almost all the graded reading series books.I think love for the books automatically passes on,i started with crime thrillers and still have the entire volume of Feluda,our own Sherlock Holmes.Loved him.
    Why don't you do a book post and let us know what books r u reading now and a little about them,it would be fun.

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