Friday, 5 April 2013

A = Abstract

All the other bloggers who have taken up this challenge officially have already reached till ‘E’, and here I have now finally decided to give this blogging challenge a shot, but not officially. Let‘s see, how fairly I am able to be consistent on this task. I hope I am able to catch them up soon.
However, I am not signing up for this challenge officially . I feel I would not be able to craft my posts as per international visitors. Keeping it as a personal challenge now.

So, I have mentioned A as in Abstract ….abstract thoughts, abstract rants, abstract ramblings. Here, I go.
I took a break of almost 20 days from my blog due to lot many reasons. The primary one being that cold, fever & cough had taken refuge in our household for almost 15 days. Mishti was down with severe cold, cough, throat infection along with bouts of fever & vomiting. For continuous two nights she was whimpering and shrieking. We took her to her regular ped who prescribed some anti-allergic & antibiotic medicines. But , pouring three medicines one after another into her system was a herculean task…..SG had to held her tight, And squeezed the medicines through a syringe in her mouth which she spat out while bawling  with her eardrum-piercing shrieks. So, we decided to switch over to homeopathy this time. Although, I have slightly less trust on it than the allopath way, but that time I just wanted any-pathos medicine going down her system which would recover that wailing kid. Homeopathy worked well…and she was up and running within few days.

We decided not to play Holi this year as it would mean wet clothes, water splashing and rubbing off colors with more water which might recall Mishti’s illness again. It was completely okay for me as I hate playing Holi, however SG was visibly upset. So, I gave him a long lecture on parenting sacrifices which tickled his wounds instead of soothing it!!

We also went for a short trip to Allahabad after Holi. Mishti was unexpectedly very social & enjoyed her stint with her both sets of grandparents. Her vocabulary has increased a lot and she had now started joining two words which we noticed in Allahabad. However, she did showed her true colors in the train journey. She pulled curtains of other people’s compartments, spit from the upper berth, pushed us away from the seats, ran through the coach like Usain Bolt, shouted on the top of her voice and even tried rolling on the floor!

But now, I am back to my regular routine…..bit depressed as my job hunt still remains unyielding. I think this post can be wrapped up now as I would keep other topics as fodder for my other posts.
Just now, realized this abstract term is so helpful when you have nothing concrete to blog and can still tap on the keyboard in an abstract way!



  1. Good to see you doing this challenge, Nibedita. But it is like, you blog on 1st April with A, 2nd is B, 3rd April is C, 4th April is D and 5th April is E... Sundays are off. Try to do B to F by Sunday so on Monday the 8th you are at par with all with G. (Do picture posts for B-F... a suggestion).
    Hope the lil one is fit and fine now. Take care :)

    1. Thanx for that photo post suggestion :)

      I am not officially signing up for the challenge bt took it as personal challenge to complete this marathon :)

  2. wow! i never heard of this challenge! pretty daunting i feel
    aww lil one is not well ? :( it is the most stifling feeling ever :( it is so disconcerting to see their lil bodies in pain... :( hope she gets well soon...and is back to her boisterous self.
    good luck on the job hunt.. it may take time.. but then dont all good things do?

    1. Thanx for your wishes :)

      Yeah she is fine now and back to her dabang self :)

  3. Sounds like quite a crazy few weeks.. glad to know things are ok now especially with the little one :)... and Abstract is definitely a good one ;).

  4. Wow, from the last time i visited your place you have written 6 posts!!! Great!!!
    I too have started homeopathy for Zini..I too really don't feel very confident about it, but giving it a shot..
    Glad to know Mishti is better now..
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