Monday, 8 April 2013

F = Feku!!

I know this is not an English word, but when I saw #feku trending in Twitter today, I was unable to resist ranting about a bighead feku whom I know very well. Before I precede further let me explain that feku is a Hindi term which denotes a person who brags a lot. So, just thought of taking it out of my system which otherwise I can never say on his face.
This person has joined some ‘pyramid structure networking business’ almost a couple of years back. I really admire his risk taking ability and the dedication with which he has taken up this new assignment in his life. He even left his job a year back so I think he must be doing well in that business. I am not challenging that….and would always feel good if he does well in his life considering him as my childhood friend. He has approached with his concept to us earlier which we had declined politely, but somehow he seems to not understand the term ‘No’. He keeps on his persistence convincing session from time to time.
Now, comes the annoying part. As per his business’s rulebook, he is trying to make use of the social networking sites to show off his successful journey in this business. I have no problem when he posts 86 snaps of his new sedan car in FB which he bought after selling his hatchback. I even do not care when he tries to pass it on as new car which is actually a second-hand buy. But he irritates a lot when he puts up stirring status regarding his buy while demeaning other people who have not joined his business. He keeps on posting insulting status & photographs about corporate employees showing what an unfortunate morons they are who have to slog to earn their living, while he is on his bed of dollars even at 12PM on Monday mornings.
Now days, he deliberately arrives late in our get-togethers citing his busy schedule as reason. Recently he crossed all the limits when he carried his own bottle of liquor of some expensive brand to our parties. He boisterously mentioned that the regular brand which others are having doesn't suits him now and he would prefer this drink only. He never felt any need to show courtesy to offer his ‘expensive brand’ to anyone else.
I understand his show-off attitude is actually the raw material for enticing new prospective clients for his business, but sometimes it becomes too much to handle. But, in the midst of all this drama, he forgets that we are his childhood friends who knows in & out about him…, no matter how much he flies his own kite we are aware of his origin & his real self and would never get trapped in his sparkling ‘business’ web.


  1. Such people are worse than feku ! a term i casually use for friends for fun. this though is a plot or even sort of cheating people who dont know about him ..

  2. Every group has one such person isn't it? Thankfully none of my close friends are of this kind.. I do have a few FB friends.. who show off like anything. Irritates the hell out of me.

  3. OMG!! This guy is sooo bad...
    How can he carry his own bottle of liquor to a party for his consumption only?! If he had to carry it then, he is supposed to gift it to the host or at least share with everybody!!!
    I agree with Nimue, he is worse than Feku...

  4. You know what, almost all the MLM guys are like this... they are so persistent and just dont understand that not everybody is cut out for MLM business. And guess, it is part of their business strategy to show-off to rope in new customers.

  5. haha..he seems like a comedian to me :))

  6. Don't let such pettiness get to you. Its a testimony to how content and secure you are in your life and how so exactly the opposite your friend is...