Thursday, 11 April 2013

J = Job Hunt & all the jazz

Job hunt – This is what I am doing since last couple of months. After a break of almost 1.5 years, I planned to join back work. Being a ‘too much planned’ couple, we first created our back up plan after brainstorming for long hours.
Many questions hovered over our mind. How would the li’l one react to the change? What option would be more feasible - nanny or daycare? How we can work out the daily household chores? I raked through all mommy blogs, forums & parenting websites to know more about the ways people juggle between home, Baby & job. The dilemma was high and I was not able to pin down any decision. But, after lots & lots of discussion we finally chalked out a plan.
The first step was to get a full time maid or house help who can support me with household chores. In that way, I can spend some quality time with my kid after coming back from work. Somehow, we were not keen on getting a nanny for my toddler. We got registered in an agency beforetime as heard about delays in getting a maid even after registration. Thankfully, we got a decent maid from that local agency.
Next step was to search for a reasonable and compatible daycare for my kid. We visited almost 6-8 local daycares and finally found a decent one nearby to our place. We wanted to get my daughter adjusted to this new regime first and then my proper job search should start. My li’l one cooperated a lot and now after almost 3 months, she just loves the place.
In the meantime I already uploaded my resume in various job portals and waited for my luck to show some positive sign. However, the timing was not quite appropriate. The first quarter remains a lean period for job hunters as new vacancy are not created in this time. It actually means that most of the companies have their annual appraisal & bonus time in March, and people who want to leave their job for any reason would stick till end of March to receive the annual bonus. Thus February & March went away in very few calls from different consultancies & companies and I appeared for only couple of interviews.
Another factor which I am realizing is affecting my job search in a veiled way is the break of 1.5 years in my career. Many consultancies approached me with job description, but chickened out stating employers do not want any break period for any reasons. Then there are other factors as well which is limiting me from exploring all options. I have to search for a job in Gurgaon only and I cannot go to work in Delhi or Noida because of extensive travel time. Although I have kept myself open for all shift timings (my job profile requires that) but still many employers perceive in advance that a married lady with a small kid in tow would not opt for any shift other than general one.
This is the third month in a row when I am just sitting idle at home. It is getting depressing now and has started taking toll on my mood a lot. I feel the void more as prior to this I was handling my hyper-active toddler for the whole day without any maid or nanny. So, suddenly, with the kid in daycare and all household chores except cooking taken care by maid, I feel myself completely useless sometimes. Although, I am getting now ample amount of time for my favorite passion – blogging & reading but still feel no interest in any of these activities. There are days, when I just shut my PC, throw away my book and sit idly staring the wall. I actually pulled up myself to join this blogging challenge so that it can be diverted from the void.


  1. I'm job hunting too. Sometimes I find jobs quickly and sometimes it takes a little longer. When you are meant to get it, the right job will show up and things will click into place. In the meantime enjoy!

  2. Hello

    From a fellow A to Zer firstly !
    I didnt kno u r in Gurgaon. I was in Gurgaon till dec end . Shifted to Bnglr in Jan. Its been an year that I resigned from my job to move to GGN due to unavoidable reasons. I also cudnt travel to NOIDA and I ddidnt get many calls tooo either.
    Even BANGALORE's scene is same.
    I too got disheartened many times but hope is not dying. MY actual passion is writing hence I am trying to improve and am glad that it progreessed a lot in the last 1 year
    One more thing is I am ready for any kinda job which just keeps me occupied now !
    MORALE gets down.
    I did some conten writing jobs (Temporary)
    but no solid work after that
    good luck to u
    Keep blogging and writing
    It was my abode of peace

  3. Dont worry ..sooner or later you will land up with a job and then you will so miss these days of freedom :P

  4. There are some consultancies for which you need to pay like a service and they get you continuous interviews. I wish I had contacts to give you on this. But don't get disheartened, learn new things in spare time and brush up your resume. Good luck!

  5. Am glad u decided to join this AtoZ challenge. keeps mind occupied rt.....

  6. I can only say that you will find a job soon.

    Me too is looking for a job change but nothing good is coming my way. The uncanny thing about Job hunt is that when you look for one it eludes you. You get a job and suddenly hordes of jobs start following you.

  7. I can understand how frustrated you must be, Nibedita. However, I'm certain that everything works for our good - if we believe it to be so. Enjoy the 'you' time.

  8. you know, one thing that really works. Think this always "Let me enjoy my idle/ free time for now, for maybe I will never get to relish this once I get my dream job." This thought will not only let you savor your time but will also help in keeping you afloat. This was the thought I kept in mind when I was preggy and didn't have many options to explore. Whenever idle i used to think let me just kick back and relax for when the baby is here I will not get this. So there I was enjoying all my free time.

    I know it can be frustrating when you try and are ready for action and nothing seems to be working. give yourself bigger time span... Like keep your mind ready to be hunting for job for sy six more months... that way you may even think of other options or something else might work out. :) Well this works for me, so just a suggestion. If it helps you then great! Isn't it?

    Good luck on the job front. and remember, whatever happens is always for the best. we may not instantly realise it but down the line, sure! :)

    and keep up with the blog marathon. I have done it in the past 2 years and I know how difficult it is to stay committed! You are doing a great job!

  9. There's a time for everything na...don't get will add on to the negativity. Have patience..maybe you will not get time to spend with your baccha once you land up a job.

  10. I went through a similar phase, Nibedita. Somehow I believed things would work out and they did. They will, for you, too. All the best! Hugs!

  11. I didn't know that you were supposed to disclose your marital status and the fact that you have kids. In the US, it is a big No-no for employers to do that! What happens if you refuse to give personal information like that? Besides, why should you not take a break from your career to take care of your kids?! At least now they know that your kid is old enough to attend daycare/school!
    Have you considered some kind of online jobs? I'm sorry to not be able to give you more concrete suggestions!

  12. Patience is the key my friend ...maybe the right job is waiting for you as much as you are waiting for it :)

  13. trust me job hunting or being jobless is much better than jobbing !!! :P :P atleast the lazy moi lusts for such a life ! :P :P :P

  14. I can exactly understand how you feel because I am going through the same situation. After coming to Australia, it has really tried to test my patience.Applying for so many jobs and getting a negative response disappoints me...

    U can visit my blog and read about my job hunt whenever you get time...