Thursday, 14 March 2013

Learning the other language...!!

Almost three languages are spoken simultaneously in our household – English, Bengali & Hindi. But now a day we are trying hard to understand a fourth language which is Mishti’s language. Our little lady is on a mission to increase her vocabulary by manifold by every passing day. She would mimic whatever she hears. But most of the time she comes up with some new word which would refer to that original word. Thus a completely new lingo evolves which we try to comprehend by ‘hit & trial’ method.
As I spend more time with her than hubby, I am able to make out almost 80% of her gibberish. No, I won’t term it as gibberish as she tries her best to talk sense just that the words are in some alien form!!
Few of the typical words Mishti uses and have no link to the original word are:
Gaga – Nope, she is not talking about that shockingly dressed singer but she uses it for drinking water!
Gog – Any other water other than drinking water. I think she started saying ‘Jol’ (bong word for water) as gog and then evolved this gaga.
Boonu – This means button.
Kichin – We first thought it as ‘kitchen’…but later realized that she is referring to ‘chicken’!
Patta – Now this one is easy to guess – Pasta
Fitti – She calls herself Fitti (Mishti)
Pain – Here airplane is referred.
Boonoon - Balloon
Kaapi - ???? I don’t know what it is but she says it a lot and gets irritated when we do not understand.
There are lot many other words like ‘mino’, ‘panzi’ , ‘tabita’ , ‘tima’ which we are not able to decipher till now.
Apart from this she loves to read her books with us and her favorite are the animal & the vegetable book. So within her limits she tries to pronounce them and which results is calling Elephant  as phant, peacock- peepock, crocodile as koki, squirrel as skoowee, horse as show ( and she says taga-taga just after that), monkey as pumkey, capsicum as gumgum, cauliflower as flarr-flarr, cabbage as papage and so on.
She loves her mongi book ( mowgli- jungle book) a lot and pretends to read it loudly for constant 4.86 minutes at a stretch. I got her few panchatantra story books which has bright pictures with one story in a book. Mishti loves these books and make us to read those stories almost 80 times a day.
Another phrase she has picked up from me is : ‘Ehhh ehhh chhi chhi dirty’. So each time we come across any heap of sand, mud, or soil she would loudly parrot this phrase.
She has found this new silly game where we open Google images and she would say any word, I would type it and she would give amused look as soon as various images pops up. So, it goes like this:
Mishti: Dondey dondey (donkey)
I type it. Different pics of donkey flood the screen. Mishti claps vibrantly and says yayyy dondey dondey.
It continues with different words like ‘soap’, ‘shoes’, ‘clock’, ‘lion’, ‘bag’, ‘phone’ or any other words which she is aware of. But this game takes a hilarious turn when SG sits with her. He understands half of what she says and then types those words on pure guess. Result is: Mishti gets more irritated while not able to make her daddy understand what she want -  Daddy keeps on asking ‘Okay tell me what do you want’ – Mishti shrieking more in frustration!!


  1. hahah !
    this was so much fun :)
    I really loved her poopock !

    1. Yeah..indeed this is fun but she really gets irritated if we don't understand her :)

  2. awwwwwwwwww cuteeeeeee! Bless her!

  3. Such an adorable language she has!!!! Though Arnav speaks quite clearly but there are times when utters a word which just beyond us and the irritation he feels is so visible! SIgh!

    1. Yeah she makes faces as if we are dumb not to understand her words.

  4. Awwww.. So adorable and cute! I just kept picturing her saying all those words and it's awesome to have such innocence around, isn't it?
    The google game seems real fun :)

    Until later,
    Keirthana :)

    1. Yeah Google game is fun but verrrry boring....i sometimes switch off the monitor and say 'Light nahi hai' to avoid this game :P

  5. Exactly the same story at my home. Though Pari doesn't say names of animals as distincly as Mishti but yes, she too comes up with really interesting names.
    Gaga in our household stands for a cow :)
    P.S.- Could you please let me know the writer & publisher of the Panchtantra collection you have.

    1. Ha ha Gaga = Cow...My GOD hw can they come up with these words.

      sent you a mail abt the books :)

  6. Haha!! That's indeed a new language!! :D

  7. going Gaga over this language!!! Loved this!!!
    LOL at "Ehhh ehhh chhi chhi dirty"
    Zini too has her special lingo!! sometimes we too start using her words (I know we shouldn't but can't help :) )!!!