Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Gold - Shold...hai Rabba!!

So, here I am back again to my blog after couple of weeks. No, I was not busy or something...just going through a low & depressed mental state and nothing in this world appealed to me. There are almost three incomplete posts in my draft which I never had the zeal left to complete & publish them. It is like I am having 'writer's block' ( wow!! it sounds so upmarket :-) ). Although I am yet to come out of my low phase but still kinda dragged myself to complete this post ( actually, just wanted to write something).

Few days back, my mom informed me about a daylight robbery in our locality of my hometown. We know the family well, that lady is also my MIL's friend. That lady and her DIL were watching TV when around 3 PM three robbers entered their house point their gun at them. The robbers directly enquired about the jewellery kept in the house without wasting a single moment. Then they ransacked the lockers after gagging and tying both the ladies. The managed to loot jewellery worth few lakhs!!

This incident was quite surprising as their house is located on the main road and a school & small market is situated just opposite to the house. The local police station is in the same row just few houses away. Also, the first floor of the house is rented to the family of a policeman!! The first thing came to my mind after hearing this incident that the robbers had 'pakka' information about the jewellery kept in the house...otherwise nobody is such a fool to conduct this plan randomly to loot something handy as well as  valuable like jewellery( TV, AC, Car cannot be looted in broad daylight..)

Second Thing, I felt very little sympathy for the family. I do not understand why people are so much fantasized by this "GOLD". Personally, I never found "gold" irresistible or show-stopper from a jewellery point of view. First of all, I do not understand how this golden shade can be 'matching' to all my outfits. Then another logic of mine says, boss, gone are the days when you can flaunt your wealth only by wearing gold...those were raja-maharaja or zamindari days. Now, you can show-off your money with a flashy car or a obnoxiously huge house or posting pics of your exotic holidaysof foreign locales in FB!!!

Also, if you still want to own gold...go for the ETF way na...that online gold thing. I understand in earlier days, people use to save and buy gold ornaments as a mode of their 'contingency planning'. But now a days, so many other methods are can invest in property, ULIPs, mutual funds etc. And for ornament prupose buy the artificial fancy jewellery ...they look good and match with your dress, cost less and would pinch your pocket less if robbed, stolen or misplaced.

Also, it is sheer foolishness to keep so much jewellery at home which obviously would invite robbers if the news gets leaked somehow. I have already warned my mom & MIL...but somehow, my MIL has her own logics in favour of her jewellery. She cannot resist the temptation of wearing a thick gold chain around her neck and then would try to cover it her 'sari pallu' in busy public places!!!

Anyway, this incident had also scared me a bit as my parents stay alone there. I am not quite worried about my in-laws place which is in the same locality as their shop runs in the ground floor and the whole house has almost 6-7 workers and helpers alongwith my parent-inlaws.

What is your opinion about gold jewellery??


  1. If you ask me I feel concept of gold is highly overrated...nor it goes with any of the outfits we wear these days including traditional ones..and they say price of gold worldwide is decided by economy..strange!!

  2. Ditto on the gold bit. Silver is the metal for me.

  3. Robbery or the news of robbery scares me N.. Agree with you fully. When will this gold obsession end? people are always found buying jewellery as if they are vegetable shopping these days.. steep price rise has nothing to do with sales or buying of gold. Only Indians are gold crazy. I cant even mention how wedding jewellery goes wasted. Its all very heavy and gaudy that it can be worn to all outings. Similarly.. not all the jewellery fit with all outfits. I have seen ppl wear gold jhumka for a tee-shirt jean too :( such bad taste.

    And why do ppl keep such costly jewellery at home?

    Good to have you back N.. keep writing and you mentioned Mishti's antics will be the next post.. My wait is still continuing... :) Keep writing more as I love reading you. :) Hope you are feeling much better now and wish you loads of good wishes.

    1. Tee-jeans with gold jhumka...eeeekkk!!!

      Thanx for ur wishes re...i am kind of dragging myself back frm the slumber....

      I know Mishti post is pending...but actually i did not wanted to write a mishti post half-heartedly...would post that soon...with her everyday-new-antics i have enough fodder for the post :-D

  4. True that concept of gold is over-rated. What started as a means of investment has become an obsession now and as you said there are so many means to invest without having to have the gold in hand and struggle to protect it. As for me, I always say yes for the fancy jewelry than the gold ones :)


    1. Hey welcome here :-)

      ppl are so obsessive abt this gold :-(

      fancy or junk jewellery attract me more :-)

  5. relatives should all read this. I feel nowadays technology has gotten so good you can't even tell the difference between fake and real gold, so why waste your money on real gold? Also, a scary incident happened to one of my friends's mother - she was out grocery shopping at a roadside market in Delhi when two guys drove up on a motorbike, took out a knife and demanded her jewelry. She wasn't even wearing heavy jewelry, this took place in broad daylight at around 11 in the morning, and she was surrounded by people! Needless to say she handed over her jewelry. But honestly I don't even want to take the risk of wearing expensive jewelry - just one more reason to feel unsafe. - BBD-Lite

    1. Hey welcome here...apologies for late reply....yeah these snatching and robbery has become so common is scary