Friday, 20 July 2012

Jane Kya Soche Mann Bawra.....

Following the trend of blogging in pointers, here I am just trying to spill out what going in my mind and my life.

  1. After reading an article which talks about the different side of Guwahati molestation case, I don't know why but somehow I am feeling disgusted. Read the article and you would know how efficiently media played its role and what kind of politics wrapped mud-slinging is going on over this incident. There were more articles in the same website which enlightened various other aspects of the issue but I felt pukish to read more of it.
  2. The photographs of the main accused of Guwahati incident is flooding the virtual world. Might be sharing his snaps would not budge the slacking law system and sick mindset of similar oxymorons but at least that sicko is getting his share of curses & 'badnami' all over his FB page. Social networking has some good aspects as well!!
  3. Demise of Rajesh Khanna has given all the news channels enough fodder to last for at least a week now. I am not a great fan of this personality but somehow the songs lip-synced by him and sung by Kishore Kumar are my all-time favourite. I actually detest this person for his chauvinistic persona. But today when they were showing his funeral procession with his immortal songs playing in background surprisingly I felt lump in my throat!!
  4. Now on personal front, Can somebody please explain SG that he is not the only daddy in this world who's brat throws tantrums while combing and tying Ariel like ponytails to her hair. Whenever he finds me having a tug-O-war with Mishti for managing her unruly hair, he makes constipated faces and try to act as a saviour for her darling.
  5. Some people are really getting on my nerves with their showing off attitude. I understand you are into something big and appreciate your dedication towards your newly chosen career path of 'Direct Marketing system' or what you call it as 'e-commerce'. I have already made you clear that it is not my cup of tea. You might be sleeping on bags of dollars by acquiring this concept in your life, but I am comfortable in my simple mattress. Also, just because you are this self proclaimed entrepreneur now, don't show-off yourself as the most wise person on this planet and others who are not into your 'business'  are morons. The more you put up stirring status on FB, more you prove your immature buffoonery.
  6. My belief that 'too much proximity spoils the aura of a relationship' is strengthened while one of our common friends stayed with us for few(??) days. I tried to extend my help in their turmoil times where they had to search for a rented house in Gurgaon after being transferred and genuinely welcome them while they came here to stay for a week. But, later on I felt like being taken for granted when they showed quite casual attitude in their house-hunt procedure and highlighted some negative point or other in every house they see.But it went off the limit when they extended their stay for another week without consulting us even after getting the house on pretext of shifting, getting it cleaned, unpacking .....means they would keep on unpacking their stuff and decorate the house with wall-hangings instead of getting the AC fixed first and would visit my place for dinner & sleep. I don't know I hate acting this mean, but felt taken for granted. Somehow, I feel better as I get these thoughts out of my system!!
  7. My weight issue needs serious addressing now. My 'Madhya Pradesh' still looks like as if I am 7-8 months preggo!! I would be visiting my doctor this weekend to get it checked. Let's see what she has to say about it.  My brisk walk schedule took a backseat with array of guest in house as my whole time vanished in cooking only...charged up to start again tomorrow.
  8. Suddenly felt that it has been long that I did a post on new antics of  Mishti.,so next post is going to be on li'l brat only :-)


  1. Since your post is 'pointed' :-) lemme write my comments here in 'points':
    1. Thanks for sharing the link, I feel so disgusted after reading the post.
    2. Thank God we have Facebook n Twitter
    3. I have the same feelings for Mr. Khanna... I swear the only reason I watched his films (besides Anand, which I love) are thanks to Kishore n RD
    4. I guess we should take a combined session with Fizz and SG, they feel their babies are well so precious that us mums correcting them is an act of crime... That won't help either.
    5. I hope that's not me, but then I'm not an entrepreneur just yet... kidding.
    6. That's the reason why ours is a very 'uninviting' household.
    7. Thankfully I'm continuing with my workout and even increasing my intensity level. Get a thyroid check, the main culprit. All the best for this.
    8. Looking forward to a 'Mishti' post soon.

    1. Aha comments in pointers...i m lovin this pointers now :-)
      1. It's is utterly awful!!!
      3. I am a big 'AC' of Kishore & RD :-)
      4.I don't think any session wd work fr these daddies!!!
      5. Arre na is one my frnd whom I lost to this 'pyramid-scheme' business :-(
      6. Uninviting is sometimes better than being inviting & getting ur house hi-jacked !!
      7. Take care of ur thyroid level...anyways i really admire u for ur 'Buldge Battle' spirit :-)

  2. I love pointers and cant simply be away from them.. so.. loved this post :)
    1. i am yet to read the article in the link, will read and come back to comment.
    2. Really something good out of social networking sites eh?
    3. Never ever heard or listened to his songs.. It did make me sad.. to see his funeral.. these media ppl are making so much business :D
    4. Hahahaha :D I remember my dad scolding my mom for doing this during our childhood.. :)
    6. Those ppl have acted very bad... Even I would have felt uneasy.
    7. Take care dear! I am sure you will be back in track. LOL on your usage of Madhya Pradesh :D
    8. Eagerly waiting for Mishti's post! :)

    1. Thanx thnx :-)
      1. Read it... i am sure u wd feel disgusted :-(
      3. I love his songs :-)
      4. Even I did this direct distribution system business in my twenties so I am aware of all its tricks to catch a prey now :-)
      7. Thanx ...badly need a motivation :-)

  3. I hate pointers because I keep forgetting what I read :P

    But What I remember is lol @ Madhya Pradesh :D I ignored my health after pregnancy and piled on kilos. Now I am going the hard way to lose it, so please don't fall in that trap, take care of yourself.

    I understand when u say "being taken for granted" sometimes ppl seriously forget their limits and spoil relationships. But good that u vented out.

    Waiting for the Mishtiful of posts :)

    1. Thnx for ur concern ....yeah even I became much careless abt my own health after pregnancy and paying the price 'heavily' now :-(

      Sometimes our blogs are so helpful to vent out our feelings na!!!