Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Maa ka Dupatta Laoongi Wapas...!!!

I had already mentioned in my blog that Mishti is a great fan of music....and if it is teamed up with animation...it becomes 'Sone pe Suhaga'. I have to keep myself updated with new videos as she tend to get bored with them soon...means she would still listen and sway her body but the utility from my perspective (making her eat food!!) reduces to a large extent.
Check Out this Video(esp at 2.08 mins):

Mishti likes this video clip a lot ...giggles &  even shrieks with the crying cat in the animation. But this girl is such a copy-cat and I am quite amazed with the speed these toddlers pick up what they see & hear....So, whenever it shows that part where 'Chulbuli' clench her fist and determines to get back her mom's 'dupatta' from mischievous wind....Mishti also does the same!

Now, even if the video is not there and any of us say "Maa ka Dupatta Laoongi Wapas", she stops and clenches her fist near her waist...and it somewhat looks like Amitabh Bachhan's famous body language when he says "Hain"!!!

We are loving these antics of li'l lady so much that we are repeating that phrase often and like a pro she is also repeating her act!!...Little does she know that her own mom has only two salwar kameez which requires 'Dupatta'...and which she rarely wears, otherwise she is just comfortable in her Kurtis, tees & tops!

P.S. I am bit off blogging nowadays as I ordered & received two books from Homeshop18 recently. I found this site better than even Flipkart...actually I matched prices of few books and found Homeshop18 is far cheaper.
And yes, those two books are although not so latest but I found them interesting through Smita's book review page.


  1. I am yet to watch the video but I sure can imagine how Mishti does her little act :D cutie pie she is :)

    I am going to check homeshop18 the next time I am ready to order books. Thanks for the info N :)

    Have fun reading the books :)

    1. Mishti is saying Thanx to GB Aunty :-)

      yeah even the delivery is quicker :-)

  2. Cannot see the video but the way you have described the antics I am sure she must look totally adorable doing all that and time u get inspired to buy suits with dupatta's ;)

    And u know there is a site http://www.kbooksearch.com/ where all you have to do is put the name of the book and it gives u its price on all sites. Amazing no?

    Hope u enjoy these books :)

    1. Arre see the video...even Arnav would also like it:-)

      Babba re...suit with dupatta...and that too with Mishti...she tugs & pulls it away in public making me feel like 'Draupadi' :-D

      Ohh thanx for the link....i would surely check that....and yes i really loved your book reviews :-)

  3. Ohh I can so relate to it, NB. Shreya calls 'Chulbuli' as 'Chulbulia'..dont know from where she got that UP accent..LOL.

    1. Lol on that 'Chulbulia'...I think she got blessings from her NB Aunty for her UP accent