Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Mishti's Birthday Bash....

Although it is more than 12 days now that we have celebrated Mishti's first birthday, but I think it is still not too late to do a post on her birthday celebrations.

Anyway, the fun time started a week before her birthday when her Dadu-Dida (my parents) came down for  the celebrations with bundle of gifts sent by our other relatives in Allahabad. So, this girl got some cash and a   nice pull-along toy ( a big turtle with an umbrella) along with few dresses bought by her Dida. Mishti instantly started pulling the umbrella instead of the string!!!

That week of fun flew away quickly. Me & my sis had long discussion on what should Mishti wear for her party? With her ability to manhandle things easily, we were not willing to let her wear some frilly, lacey party frock which would look crazy out with all roses & strings pulled out within 15 minutes of Mishti wearing it!!. Her Thamma ( my MIL) had sent a nice denim frock but that was bit tight so we went for shopping again :-)
Bought a comfortable short-top kind of dress with least decorations.

On 1st June(her birthday) morning, we went to  Delhi Kali-bari with Mishti . It was sooo hot & humid that we all felt as if we are 'boiled eggs'.

Mishti in Kali-Bari

While on our way back to home we had a nice surprise. My MIL called and said she is waiting for us at the housing complex gate!!! Ohh....she had earlier expressed her health problems as reason for her absence in the party. But like a small kid she wanted to surprise us got the tickets booked in Tatkal and landed directly at our place.

Although we were quite late but still I managed to prepare decent special lunch for Mishti with the help of my mom. For the first time in my life I felt so contented as I present the grand lunch to her.

Mishti was so surprised to see that plate!!!

Truly Bong hmmm!!!

As we had scheduled the party next day i.e 2nd of June so Mishti's Dadu took out for a grand dinner. We all went to a local restaurant which is famous for its 'sizzlers'. Mishti tasted the food and happily looked forward for another bite. After grand food & ice-cream we came back home almost at mid night.

Next day morning it was all chaos at home. First we banged our head at the website of Indian railways to get an instant return ticket for my MIL.When we failed to get any confirm ticket, we booked that available 'waiting list' ticket in the same train in which my parents were going back next day. Now after spending lot of time on the discussion that whether we would go out to have lunch or not, finally it was decided to split into groups. First group included Me, SG , my mom & my MIL would go out, do some shopping & eat lunch in some outside eatery. My sis, my dad & Mishti preferred to stay at home with home-cooked lunch to avoid the scorching heat.

After coming back at around 3:30 PM (that too when we kind of dragged my MIL back from shopping...I told you, she is indeed a kid :-) ), we tried to rest a bit. By 5PM SG was after everyone's life to get ready as we need to reach the venue by 7PM being a host.

After much hotch-potch & utter chaos, we managed to reach the venue by 7:15 PM. We have planned a big party as it would have been the first function on behalf of Mishti. 'Angry Bird' cake reached the venue on time. Our guest started dropping in soon. Although many people disappointed us with their absence but still the guest list went up to almost 60.

Angry-Bird Cake...

Mishti was so happy...she was almost screaming with delight. While the magician performed his feat, Mishti was his morale booster who shrieked & screamed at all his acts. I was very skeptical about Mishti's mood for that she might get cranky seeing so many people. But this girl has inherited her parents' social genes. Like a social butterfly, she crawled all over the place, tried to walk few steps, went everyone's lap who picked her up. She even tried to detach their eyes & nose and scratched their face while bursting into giggles while try to move away their face from her.

First Cake bite from Daddy ..while Mamma & Dadu looking at the celebrity

The snacks & food were good. Due to boiling summers, two drinks - Aam Panaa & Jaljeera were instant hit. After all the celebrations we came back home late at night loaded with gifts. Even after coming home, Mishti managed to continue her exclusive show for another hour and then I forcefully put her to sleep.


  1. Tight hugs and lots of kisses to the birthday girl :)
    Mishti is looking gorgeous in all pics and I loved the way she enjoyed the party in high spirits :)
    I am so glad you all had a fantastic time.

    1. Tahnx a ton on Mishti's behalf :-)

      Yeah she enjoyed it to core :-D

  2. Birthday baby is looking super cute in all the pics... lots of love and kisses to the litle darling :)

    1. B'day girl is saying thanx to GB aunty :-D

  3. I loved her dress. Happy bday again sweetu.

    1. Mishti is sayin thanx a ton :-D

  4. Hope you all had a great time!! Fantastic cake.. n Mishti looks beautiful.. :-)

    1. Yeah great time indeed...Mishti is saying thanx to U :-D

  5. Happy Birthday sweetie.. :)

    On a totally different note: Pls add option to follow via mail..

    1. Thnx a ton dear..:-)

      Option added ..thanx for mentioning it :-D