Friday, 1 June 2012

Happy Birthday Mishti....

Mishtuuuu, Mishtiiiii, Mithai....You turn a year old today. You are a perfect case of  'planned baby'...we like some meticulous parents even planned your date of birth! You never troubled me during the pregnancy or even with labour pains. I still remember the sudden cease of contracting pain with you popping out . Next moment I was asking doctor "Kya hua, Kya hua" and when doctor said "wait wait...let the baby cry first" my heart just stopped beating for that moment. I literally felt the oxygen back to my lungs as I faintly saw the ped patting your back - your waaaaaaaaannnnnn - my doctor saying 'It's a girl'.

This one is one of the initial snaps taken by her mashu who treats Mishti as some celebrity!!

For first few days, I was clueless and confused about my emotions....It was all muzzled up...happy, sad, worry, anxiety, pride, scared. Honestly baby, I never felt mushy or cuddly when I first took you in my arms....but i realized what you mean to me on 4th June when you had to be admitted in hospital for your excess bilirubin count. When they said that you would be there in the NICU for 24 hrs all heart ached. I literally pleaded to them to allow me to sit in the reception for those 24 hrs....which they didn't. I was not able to control my tears on my way back home. However, next morning we saw you from outside the glass taking UV ray bath with a eye-mask and kicking the walls of the glass box like a "Dabang Chhori".

Pic courtesy: Mishti's Techno-Mamu ( my cousin)

You taught me so many things while you climb up with your milestone ladder. Like I said, you never troubled me hard. You were like 'fill my tummy & check my diapers regularly - I would never bother you guys'. You took your own time in everything. We were about to send mails to Guinness Book of records when you turned on your tummy before you were 2.5 months old. We also thought of taking you to ped when your head was still wobbly and when you never tried to sit unassisted till your 8th month.We worried when you struggled to make your body posture comfortable for crawling and soon we were amazed when we saw you crawling so fast as if you were in F1 track. We never realized how easily your teeth popped out without any teething symptoms ( You have 6 teeth now). But sooner or later we realized that all these would be an integral part of baby mile-stones and we have to relax and take a chill-pill!!!

You are a MOODY eater Mishtu. I don't understand why do you make it so difficult for yourself & Mamma? I never force-feed you, Do I?...and because of that you make me feel guilty that I am not caring enough for you. Some days you gobble everything that is given to you while some other days you just refuse to open your mouth. You love to take your share from our plates even if it is spicy.  Lately you have graduated to the normal food what we eat.

You just love music. You keep yourself glued to watch any peppy songs. Now you also sway your hand & shake upper part of your body as you watch any of your favourite songs or if we say "Nache nache" ( as taught by your dida).

You are able to stand on your own and cruise throughout the house to find anything which you can pull down with your super-grip. You know Mishtu, couple of days back I have even noticed you taking few independent baby steps but never told anyone ... because I know you would never show this feat to them on let them find out on their own!!!

Mishti...I love the way you rush towards me if anybody cuddles me saying "Amar Mamma". It makes me feel so important. I love it when you put your hand forward for hand-shake if anybody says 'Hi Ishaani...' to you with extended hands.....just because I taught you this!! I love when you burst into giggles with any of our silly games and never feel tired to repeat it again and again. I cannot hide my smile when you show me your index finger when I say 'NO' to you. I love the way you frown & arch your eye-brows like your dad!!

Now a days you have also learnt to throw some tantrums and let everybody know about likes & dislikes on the drop of the hat. You also babble a lot and try to communicate & sing with others in their tone....Like mother-like daughter.
Earlier I thought , I would write to you on your first birthday what I want for you in life ...but as this post is simply about you and not me therefore would cover it is separate post.
Amar Bachha...Happy Birthday to you dear....wish loads & loads of happiness & fun for you . May GOD bless you with a healthy, safe, secure & happy life.

Love U Shona....Keep smiling like this.

12 pics- each for every month


  1. It feels wonderful doesn,t it..the bundle turning into a sweet little woman..while we stand witness to all their antics... Happy Birthday..and best wishes for you in this onward journey of parenthood

    1. Thnx Soma....It is the most wonderful feeling on earth!!!

  2. Happy Birthday Mishti... 1st year is so full of fun, nervousness, love, excitement and what not and you have penned down all those things so well... Way to go Mishti. God Bless.

  3. Belated birthday wishes to darling Mishti. Lottsa love and kisses :-)

    Have been reading you, but unable to comment due to restrictions at work place re... :-( Hopped in to say I'm still around and found this post :-)

    1. Mishti is Thanx a lot to U :-)

      Glad that you read my posts....would love to receive comments though :-)

      Btw...are u over your 'writer's block'??..missing your posts :-)

  4. Happy B'day Mishti!! And absolutely awesome post.. I loved reading this!! Keep going.. :-)

    1. MIshti & her mamma is saying Thanx to you :-)

  5. Time flies....tons of love and blessings to the little princess on her first birthday :)
    Absolutely adorable pictures :)

    1. Thnx a ton ME...Pari's B'day is also around na!!!

  6. N, This is a very beautifully written post!! Loved all the pictures of Mishti :)

    Here's wishing her many many happy and joyful years to come!! Happy B'day Mishti!!

    with lots of love