Monday, 11 June 2012

Hectic weekend...


Woke up early with a bad mood as had a fight with SG last night.

Mood temperature lowered as SG woke up and was able to 'manao' me.

Prepared vermicelli for breakfast & Rajma-Rice for lunch well on time and surprisingly both turned out yummy.

Spent the afternoon reading a book with an eye still fixed on Mishti who continued her rampage spree throughout the afternoon.

In evening got ready to attend an informal dinner at a friend's place.

Had a great time at their place while Mishti went berserk playing with their 4 year old kid T. The friend couple were nice enough to keep our li'l menace engaged while we finish our dinner( Naan, Mutton Keema, Chicken Roast).

Mishti loved the dessert which was strawberry ice cream with Kiwi syrup. Also she was awake whole evening and missed her regular evening nap, but was NOT AT ALL CRANKY!!!!

Came back home late, retired to bed and finished that book.


Woke up bit late with a bad news. Alphi- the pet dog of kid T died late night. Although I had never seen that dog but had heard a lot of him from that kid who was too attached to his pet. Alphi was kept with a care-taker for the last evening because we were invited for dinner. Their place is bit small so they did not wanted to bother the dog as well as guests. There, due to that care-taker negligence Alphi ate something not meant for him and died vomiting a lot. Some how, I felt guilty.

Went for Mishti's Vaccination shots. Mishti cried a bit but was Okay soon.

Had lunch at famous 'OM Sweets'. Mishti had her share from my veg-tahli as wells as SG's Rava Onion Dosa.

Came back home and slept gain for an hour.

Went to buy veggies & groceries with SG and we managed to buy all the items without arguing even once!!

Came back home and got ready for dinner at SG's ex-boss's place.

Had a nice time with those folks. Mishti tried to bully another kid of 2 years who was a guest there. Both of them tried to play with each other but ended up pulling & scratching one another.

We had to finish our dinner( Roti, Bhindi fry, Chholey, chicken biriyani & fruit cream) fast as Mishti got cranky. She refused to eat anything but the boss's mom still manged to feed her some curd. After dinner we all went to nearby park for walk. headed back home with a half-sleepy Mishti.

Retired to bed after sharing some gossips with my sis.

So this was my  weekend loaded with food & activities which got over so quickly.


  1. Total fun eh!!! looks like you had some yummy and good food too :) Lots of love to Mishti for letting you enjoy the weekend :)

    1. Real yummy food...:-)

      Would pass on your love to Mishti :-D