Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Mishti Unplugged....!!!!

Mishti completes her 8.5 months today. My Li'l lady is quite aware of her separate entity now and off & on showing off her own likes & dislikes.

She just looooooooooves music. Any music, jingles or songs catches her attention. So like a manipulative mom I use this music weapon for feeding, diaper change and sometimes to sneak out the "me time". Yes I admit that I do make her watch music channels to relax or blog or read.....I do not feel bad about it as handling Mishti all day alone sometimes is too taxing. Coming back to songs her favorites are "Ek main aur ek tu", "Aunty Ji", "Ooo La la" (yes still she is hooked to this cheap number),"Make some noise" "Chikni Chameli"...............the list is long.

She is very fond of few TV commercials as well. She even giggles while watching them and if anyone is obstructing the view of TV then she literally cranes her neck and arches her body to get a glimpse of the screen. Her favorites are "Oreo....Papa ye oreo open kar ke do na" , "McDonalds.....Happy B'day Dubey Ji" and many more which right now I do not remember. Also, those few animated characters of 9XM channel...Chhote - Bade, Bheegi Billi & Betel nuts are also watched by her with lots of expressions & smile.

She specifically does not like moong dal and spinach.Any form or any recipes in which I hideously put these two items she figures it out and spits out after few bites.

She loves to eat what we are eating and is able to show such expressions during our mealtime that any normal person ( like her dad & mashu.....esp not me) mellows down and give her a share. Now a days she is even chewing bits so coarse food is not a problem for her. So anything like palak paneer, aloo methi, spring onion subzi, macroni, burger fillings has already been managed by her.

She like fruits... :-) . Apart from apple & banana I had made her taste Keenu ( big oranges). 

Still she wakes up twice or thrice during her night sleep and wants milk.

She is not crawling yet but she is able to move herself from one place to other by rolling, dragging, head-pushing. So, now her play area is a mat on floor.

She now insists on grabbing any support specially if anyone is sitting next to her and gets into a kneel down position or sometimes even tries to stand.

Still she is gumming everything be it her toys, books, phone or any xyz itemwithin her range & reach.

She loves pulling other's hair out of scalp and nobody is spared ( dad, mashu, me, stuffed dog & dolls) from her fine motor skills.

I am trying to introduce a sipper to her and gave some water in it to her.Initially she chewed the straw and then sucked the water a bit but instead of retaining or gulping the water in mouth she spits it out. Also she found the cap of the sipper more interesting to chew than the straw.

She listens to stories and generally gives full attention (with big eyes wide open) to it when I tell them animatedly. Her favorites are "Elephant & stone" ( courtesy RM), "Rabbit & Tortoise", "Lion & Mouse".

But for sleep she prefers my out of tune singing rather bedtime stories. So the "loris" are "Lal Jhunti Kaka Tua", "Lakdi ki Kathi", "Kolaveri di....yes I found this tune convenient to my rhythm challenged voice", "Arre re arre ye kya hua, Dil to pagal hai, Chanda re, tujhe dekha to.....( are you getting the drift....all my teenage time songs 'blush'!!!)"

When in mood she babbles to herself and shout lungs out ( sometimes it sounds as if we are choking her!!!)

She is very skeptical about her image so in front of camera she chooses to maintain a dignified look rather than her usual flashy smiles & giggles.

With two teeths visible she now learned to use this new found weapon. ( victims are the obviously me, her dad & mashu).

She recognizes her name...Mishti & Ishaani both. She also takes her hand out of mouth when I say NO!!!

She is scared of me when I open my hair( generally it is a pony ( or whoever's) tail). She refused to look at me and continued to give me attitude ( generally she gives it to strangers) whole evening when I deliberately came in front of her while combing and swayed my hair!!!!

We bought few nice frilly frocks & dresses for her as we would be attending couple of marriages in Allahabad. I also got one patiala salwar suit (!!!) stitched for her. Also she has been gifted a red Banarasi saree by my aunt ( would be bride's mom) which she is supposed to wear on that wedding day....she would be the "best girl" after all. GOD only knows how I am going to manage My saree, Mishti and her saree all at a time!!! . For Mishti as well this would be an unusual experience with so many people around. Hope everything goes well!!!

Is my Mashu a Makeover artist?

Innocents looks are genuinely deceptive!!

Uff...close this book and then I can chew it properly!!!


  1. Awww...isn't she a sweetheart :D
    My daughter turned seven months today, so they are almost the same age, I loved reading through all Mishti does for it's very much the same what my daughter keeps doing all day long :)
    As far giving me me-time, my daughter still hasn't agreed on that :)
    Hugs to the little princess :)

    1. Thnx dear....

      He He...U have to sneak out the 'me time' from them....

  2. Cutie...loved her pics, Nibedita. Some of things that you mentioned here reminded me of Shreya. Guess kids at each stage has couple of things common. BTW, loved all ur post. Adding u in my blog roll :D

    1. ohhh u liked my posts!!!Thnx for blogrolling me.....

  3. Mishti is so so cute :) I love this post so much that I was looking forward to what is going to be the next line (What else Mishti loved doing) even while reading the previous line.. :) :) I will surely keep coming back here to read more. *eagerly waiting to see Mishti in the patiala suit!! :)*

    1. Thnx GB for liking the post.....yes wd post the wedding details soon.....