Thursday, 9 February 2012

Kitchen adventures...

So out of sudden this cooking bug has bitten me just a month back. With reference to various cookery sites I march on to my new found achievement. Few recipes which I had successfully managed...errr prepared are:

Vegetable Thepla : These were real hit....I even dared to give it to one of my neighbor as a return gesture of delicacies exchange.

Palak Paneer : I never liked this dish in general...means had never tried it even in any all veg dinners. Also, I literally threw up when I had it our office canteen!!! But as SG likes it and also he gave me the courage (don't worry, if cooked well it tastes good etc....) , so I gave it a try. It also turned out to be yummy. 

Bhuna Kukda : He... He I found this name quite funny...... :-D. It turned out be real hot and spicy. But I good point is that it took less time to prepare than other chicken recipes. Just added one variation that I used ginger and garlic paste instead of only garlic paste...( was bit apprehensive about the raw smell of chicken as no onions are used in this recipe).

Methi Chicken : I love this methi....give me anything out of it...methi aloo, methi parantha.... This is again very easy recipe. Also, I felt that chicken tastes better & soft if pressure cooking is done.

Fyi...I never loved to cook ....but somewhat I feel that being at home I can utilize the time and learn new things and just like I used to achieve my monthly targets in my professional domain , now this sudden spree of cooking is giving me the similar sense of achievement!!! Let's see for how many days this bug remains in my system.


  1. Wow! so good to see you trying out yummy is so much fun :)

    I too love roasted chicken...yummy!

    1. Thnx for morale is fun when the end result is yum....otherwise disasters bhi hotey hai.. ;-)