Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Just Like that.......Piece of MInd!!!!

To neighborhood ladies:

I need not to justify myself why I do not come down and join your gossip group everyday. If I am not interested in discussing and chatting some silly topics throughout the afternoon with you, that does not give you any right to judge my social skills. I accept that you might be very good homemaker than me and I have no problem to it. Although difference lies there as you have maids even for cooking and handling kids while I handle all my household chores and my baby alone single handedly .... ( hubby & sis is there in evening though). I love to spend time with my baby with her toys & books instead of taking her out in pretext of strolling but actually gossiping & gossiping with other ladies.


  1. You have literally stolen my thought... I so relate to you over her. I see a lot of women chatting behind my back and make weird faces when I cross them, frankly I don't care. And when I take Z out for a stroll I make sure I do just that and don't indulge in gossip. Loved ur post...

  2. He He He ZM...these species are everywhere....I really wonder how much free time they had when in winters they were basking in society's lawn from morning till afternoon!!!