Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Ye haath mujhe de de Thakur……

Hands and fingers are the new found interest of Mishti. She blissfully plays with her own hands, or rather tries to have a fist-fight between her right and left hand!! We found a new activity to keep her engaged: give her hands the grip of her toes and she would exercise all her stamina from both ways, hands trying to hold more and toes trying to release themselves.
Her count of activities includes:
Stuffing all fingers in her mouth and then make funny faces to make people believe that they are indeed tasteless and she is just doing it for timepass!!!
When in mood, she would talk (obviously in her own language) endlessly by varying her pitch and tone. If you respond her in same way, she increases her volume and adds more special effects to her conversation by screeching and sighing sounds.

 She makes bubbles with her saliva, and if founds someone noticing her then would increase the activity with more vigour.
Rolling over and sleeping on her tummy only (sometimes bums on air). She is doing this since was 2.5 months old.

She gives biiiiiiiiggggggg toothless smile to all those whom she finds eligible (Please don’t ask me the eligibility criteria, unknown to me).
She has developed a firm grip now and applies her strength on everything without any discrimination. Her favourites are still her mashu’s hair, our fingers and strings of her cotton nappies.
Trying to taste everything in sight be it her toys, her t-shirts or frocks, fingers (be it hers or of anyone else’s), newspaper (yeah…one day she even tried that)!
This month she enjoyed her first Durga-puja and also we got her Annaprashan( ceremony for first morsel of solid food taken by an infant) done from Kali-temple.
She is becoming a constant attention seeker (look who is talking…J) now making it quite a challenge for me to cook , do any other household chores, or do anything which does not involves her while she is awake.
As per all the parenting sites. Books & forums, I try to tell stories to Mishti which she listens for few minutes and then shows no interest. I started with the story of tortoise & rabbit and another self –scripted one with Mishti and her toys as various characters. Also, I am refreshing my knowledge of nursery rhymes now (honestly, I even googled some!!!). But it’s real fun rhyming for her my favourite poems from Sukumar Roy’s Abol-tabol …I feel so nostalgic!!!!