Monday, 31 October 2011

Ek Se Bhale Do….!!!!!!

Today, all the news channels showing the news of world population reaching the mark of 7 Billion gave me food for thought.  The situation is really alarming. Few weird way-outs flashed my mind viz, compulsory sterilization after two children, rewarding people who has limited their number of kids to one or two. Then this sudden thought also came to my mind that the policy of China “One kid per couple” should be made mandatory in India as well.
But then my thought drifted from this global issue to another social situation that whether second kid should be planned or not.  (Disclaimer: writing post on this topic does not imply that I am thinking of having another baby soon.)
Being a part of urban strata of society, I had discussion on this topic with many of my friends which gave me a chance to look the coin from both the sides. I am trying jot down whatever I heard from people.
The balanced upbringing of single kid is very difficult as parents have to take care of not being too pampering and protective. The small values of sharing, caring and sense of responsibility generally takes a back seat for single kid. Even heard a story of my friend’s cousin who felt had issues in sharing his room with spouse after marriage as he was only child of his parents and was used to of getting everything in his platter only for himself.
Only child are very lonely as the relation shared by siblings has no replacement. Gone are the days when the extended family used to fill the gap. As a teenager, this loneliness sometimes encourages the only child to look out for support and company outside the family in a wrong way. (OMG!! how boring it would have been if I was not able to share all my gossips, thoughts and POV with my sister…still remember how we used to get scolding from my mom for chatting or rather whispering after midnight in bed).
Also heard this one liner from someone: First kid is brought in this world for parents and second kid for the first one!!
With one kid you can provide him/her the best of everything be it your quality time or financial support.
The world population clock is ticking like anything so this much can having one kid can be sure shot help to the situation.
Some women (already mom of a kid) were horrified to go through that pain and turbulence again.
Personally, I still have a mixed opinion for the scenario. But heard a wonderful option from one of my colleague that have a kid of your own and then adopt the second child…….Good Thought, must say!!!

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  1. oh well! i have two and would never change my mind about it! i cannot imagine my own life without my brother! :)

    we were seriously contemplating adoption for second one, but then bub happened. :)