Friday, 15 February 2013

Children See....Children Do!!

I came across this beautiful video in Facebook which is so thought-provoking. 

A small incident happened few days back established the message conveyed through this video.
I was rushing to drop Mishti to her daycare. The lift of our building was dysfunctional that day. So, I had to carry her through the stairs along with her bags & my purse. All the while she struggled to wriggle out from my hold so that she can run down the stairs on her own. After reaching near the gate, I realized that I forgot my phone at home.
Quite unconsciously, I hissed 'Shit, Shiiiit....'. I was so irritated that I had to climb the stairs carrying Mishti again and it was already late.
The moment it came out of my mouth I realized my mistake. Mishti was looking at me intently! And then she started jumping up and down shouting “Chhit, Chhit”. I felt so ashamed of myself. I distracted her attention to some moving vehicle on road to stop her loud ‘Chhit, Chhit’ but she continued to do so.
I learnt my lesson. These kids pick up our behavior, words & body language so quickly. This is the second instance of this kind; firstone happened when Mishti was bit young. I have to be more careful about it.
Picking up a nice quote from Facebook:

Don’t worry that your children never listen to you, worry that they are always watching you.


  1. Replies
    1. That is why we connect with each other so much...hai na!!! :)

  2. Totally true, kids learn more by just observing more than we think. If we are careless, we cannot blame them for learning stuff because they are smart enough to point back where it came from ;)


    1. Arre they are too smart...they pick up things within minutes :)

  3. oh yes, that they definitely do!! Mine said worse!! Much worse; check this out:

    1. OMG it was really weird....and I was in splits as I imagined the faces of parents of that kid(i.e yours)when that word was uttered!

  4. hahaha!!! That is the cutest ever 'Chit' .... and loved the quote.