Thursday, 15 March 2012


So, before it is too late that I forget the minute details of the recent Allahabad trip which includes couple of weddings, I should jot down at least my observations or inferences. As my blog title reads as " My world through my spectacled eyes " thus these points are only reflections of how I perceive things & issues, others opinion may or may not vary.

Even with best precautions taken babies tend to get infections during train journey.... you can sanitize hands  multiple times but what to do when your kid is licking the train wall or seats (eeeeeeekkkkkk!!!)

If your baby is still in her pre - walking stage then for sure you would have a hard time in any wedding. You cannot let your baby  crawl or roll like she does at her home in marriage hall or the guest houses, so be prepared for a super cranky baby.

Also, your skills would be tested as your baby tries to wriggle herself out of your lap and in the process pulls everything which comes her it your decked up hair, saree plates ( one of my saree which I wore in one of functions is torn now), mobile phone etc

No matter how sincere parent you are, some of your elderly relatives would still be critical of your parenting style and would shower their expert advice on you.

Do not waste money on buying pretty but complicated dresses like lehenga, saree or heavily decorated princess frock for your kid. If there is slightest discomfort, kid would refuse to wear that or would be at her cranky best while wearing them.

So much hard earned money is wasted to arrange these big fat weddings that I wish Mishti should get married in court and later we can have a party.

People should switch over to artificial flower decorations in wedding instead of spending thousands on  flowers....guess it would be quite nature friendly as well.  Also, stop giving garlands or rose bud to 'Baraatis' for welcome purpose....It is thrown away within minutes.

Mishti in her Patiala suit!!!

Princess indeed!!!



  1. I can understand how hard it is to manage a kid in the public places especially trains... so tough when the train is dirty always:( :(

    Mishti is looking very cute in the all the dresses.. but I loved her so much in patiala suit... :) *surprised to look at such a small patiala suit.. wondering how they make it.. looking too cute*

    1. MIshti is saying thanx for the compliment...:-D

      It was so funny to watch the tailor taking measurements of Mishti who was wriggling away from my lap & pushing and hitting the man!!!