Thursday, 22 March 2012

Just Like that.......Choice of Words!!!!

Alert: Few words of this post are slang as per my standard. Readers discretion requested.

One recent TV commercial of a soft-drink triggered this post. Hope I don't sound like a human fossil when I say that nowadays there are many words which has entered entertainment media which were a complete no-no even few years back.

The lyrics of this advertisements are 
Iske paas guitar hai, sabko isse pyar hai,
Isko kaise jheloon main, Kaise iski le loon main
(Translation: He has the guitar, therefore everyone loves him: How can I tolerate him, How Can I screw him up)
As far my knowledge, this highlighted term is a slang in Hindi and is completely a double meaning statement. But still it is so easily tucked inside that jingle and is heard by all age of people. The moment I heard this limerick, it hit my ear drum. I am not sure but are we being more relaxed towards our 'choice of words'.

I still remember when a Bollywood song " mujhe log bole" with a skimpy dressed Karishma Kapoor gyrating to this tune hit the charts, so much hue & cry was raised. Ultimately even that song was re- released as "Baby baby mujhe log bole". But then after sometime this word 'sexy' got comfortably adjusted in our lingo. Now other than human even mobile phones & cars are also sexy!

"Kamina" was always known as a 'gaali' but in recent years Bollywood got a movie by this term( remember Shahid Kapur in double role!!) and this 'gaali' filled posters was all over movie halls & multiplexes.Am I over-reacting???

Then another word used in one Hindi movie (movie name: Thank you) song which shows three leading actors (Akshay Kumar, Bobby Deol & Irrfan Khan) dancing to it. The word is "Tharki". It means 'horny'...I wonder what censor board is doing! What if my kid has been in that 'asking questions' age and asked me the meaning of this word ????

Then what about that roaring hit song "Bhaag DK Bose"!!! No, I am not getting hyper because I share the same last name but it is a clear-cut 'gaali'!!! Isn't it!

Might be I have too much aversion to these slang and do not not very comfortable with their use in day-to day language. But I wonder how in near future I can teach my kid about the better 'choice of words' when the whole society is getting more tolerable to this lingo! Parents what do you say.....???


  1. O what a thing you've brought up. It's painful. And my kids are already asking questions. Even in the supposedly harmless TV shows like Dance Indian Dance a good pereformance is 'phadoo'.. what on earth is that supposed to mean for Godsake? Kids' TV shows are not safe either.

    1. Yeah...u r correct...even i m dreading the day my dot is of ur kid's age.....I know we cannot keep our kids aloof from these words as they would come to know eventually but my concern is that rampant usage of these slang in TV/mivie is making it luk like "it's OK to use them"!!!

  2. a very apt topic...I recently saw a moisturizing lotion ad which goes all sensual with the couple hiding behind the curtain, while their kid looks on...just made me shiver!

  3. totally agree! I was for tht matter a bit averse to love ke liye saala kuch bhi karega (the word saala in the song though it did not figure in the movie name)
    and that was ages ago...!! i was a student back then.. but somehow it heckled me..
    aint sure... but even i do not like the insidious creep of 'bad language' yes it might seem harmless... but then when kids start calling their parents n elders with their first names - it aint too bad either right? why is that looked down up...
    i am not sure who is to be blamed here.. and whose onus is it.. .calling the censor board seems a bit juvenile.. cos we are a democracy (i have a whole set of thought s on that by the by)
    calling the top media guys again - dunno....

    the problem is i see no solution to the problem :(
    help me :(