Sunday, 28 October 2012

Wow - 5

The best thing in life is…… as per me it is quite relative & subjective to every individual and circumstances. It changes its face value depending upon the dreams & desire of the character. The definition of best thing keeps on altering even for the same individual with due course of time.
A regular life-cycle of a person may witness lots of different ‘best things’ happening to them. But, there is always something ‘better than that best’ which dethrones the previous best phenomenon.
For a little kid the best thing in life is might be the moment when he/she gets permission for that extra time to play in the park even it is getting dark.
For a teenager the best thing in life is might be the little attention he/she receives from their latest crush.
For a young adult the best thing in life is might be the successful clearance of hurdles spread in the path of their desired educational institution.
For a destitute the best thing in life is might be the place he/she secured in the shelter – home for that particular chilly winter.
For a bomb-blast survivor, salvaged life might be the best thing in life while for euthanasia seeking patient end of life can be the best thing for that moment.
For an unwanted girl-child born in a family of patriarchal society getting educated can be the best thing in life.
For a woman suffering domestic violence for years, that momentary courage which helps her to stand against that suffering can be the best thing in life.
For someone the best thing in life can be their wedding day and for some other it can be selection in their best dream job.
A new mom, who had considered other beautiful moments of her life as best things till now, might reallocate this tag to the birth of her newborn. It can also be possible that the same lady after few years consider her grandchildren as the best thing in her life.
Thus this phrase keeps on changing its meaning, its connotation. It depends upon the frame of reference of a person’s life at that particular moment. The occurrences once deemed as best might be outshone by some other ‘better than the best’ happenings.
So, the best thing in life is actually the constant change which keeps on assembling new phases substituting the older ones.

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda

I really liked this initiative of Blogadda of Writing over Weekend and it seems like it is churning out some decent write-ups from me. Till now my posts WoW-1 & Wow-3 has been selected as best entries, though missed the WoW-4 due to festive season.


  1. A nice take on the theme!! Some are pretty profound!
    All the best for the WOW contest, Nibedita! :)

  2. Very interesting... Absolutely agree, the best things in life is quite relative and subjective to every individual and circumstances.
    Nice take!!