Monday, 10 September 2012

Mishti-ful Days!!!

Since last week Mishti was not well. The cold & cough relapsed this time with fever within 15 days. The cough was really bad one….poor girl, was getting so irritated with her ill health. Being an adult, we can clear our throat of mucus, but she felt irritated when too much cough ache her throat and would start crying which would end up in more cough. Generally cheerful Mishti was found whining, crying & throwing temper tantrums at the drop of hat.
Initially for two days I gave her some medicine for cold which her ped has prescribed previously, but when her condition remained same, we decided to visit her ped again. SG asked me to take her to hospital where he would join later after his office hours. Our auto ride to hospital was going smooth till Mishti decided to pat auto-drivers back & pull his hair!!! Thankfully, the distance was short… I leaped out of Auto hastily at the hospital after saying sorry to the driver.
While I was getting the appointment at the reception Mishti ran away to the Automatic sensor door at the entrance and started behaving as if she is a magician whose magic powers are making that door open & close again!!!
I had to drag her from there to the OPD. It was a big waiting area surrounded by various doctor cabins. Few things which Mishti did while making me run on my toes are:
  • Tried to climb the ‘slide’ (a poly-fibred slide & some other toys were kept there to keep the ‘ill’ children engaged) from the wrong side, i.e. from the slanted side!!
  • Tried to scare other kids (even who are twice her size) who came to get a ride to that slide. She scares people with her mouth wide open- tongue stuck out and making a noise ‘Haen- haen-haen’…weird na!!!
  • Pushed the slide like an ice-cream cart all over the waiting area.
  • Ran around the waiting area like a break less bike!!
  • Fiddled with the taps of the water dispenser and deliberately touch the hot water tap and shout ‘Ooohss- Ooohss’!!
  • Barged inside the dentist cabin twice & Orthopedics cabin once and then flashing her million dollar smile to the people inside those cabins. I had to catch her as if I am catching some hen and had to apologize to them.
  • Climbed up the chair of nurse the moment she went away for some work. After that she pushed the  revolving chair kept there, meant for patients to that nurse’s knee really hard.  I was feeling like arrrrghhhh!!!
  • Lied on the floor on her tummy many times……Did anybody mentioned any words like ‘germs or infection’??
  • When she saw the sweeper mopping the floor with a large mop with a handle generally used in hospitals, she was amazed with the gadget. She followed that sweeper like the mice followed Pied Piper and went out of that waiting area leaving me behind. Again I had to get her back forcibly.

She is generally scared (??) when I roll my eyes and say ‘NO’….but that day my eyes almost popped out of socket but she gave a hoot. She only stopped her antics and started running when she saw me get up from my seat & rushing towards her.
By the time our turn came, I was exhausted and showering curses to SG who was getting late because of traffic jam. I clearly saw the sympathy for me in everybody’s eyes that were present there. A couple of people were kind enough to catch Mishti when she tried to run away from there!!
Finally, we met our doctor. He administered antibiotics & cough syrup. As soon I came out of his cabin I saw SG coming there. By that time I was gritting my teeth with anger!!
Anyway, after five days, Mishti is quite better now. I don’t know how parent of other toddlers give them medicine, because in Mishti's case it is a mess EVERYTIME. She would shout, scream, hit and spit out the medicine as soon as it is given. One person has to hold her hands & head and another person has to make her open her mouth & squeeze the medicine there.  Man…this is so tough!!!
Another behavior of Mishti about which I am bit concerned is that she has taken up this habit of hitting & slapping people when anything is done against her will. We never hit her.SG says it is the defense mechanism she has developed to stop us from giving medicine, but I am worried. ‘TerribleTwo’ is still 9 months away. Sometime, she vents out her anger & irritation like some adult by shouting & clenching her fist in air.
I banged my head in various sites regarding this violent behavior of Mishti and found it consoling to know that this is going to ‘just a phase’. But till this phase lasts, it is really angering & embarrassing.
Gosh….parenting comes along with so many hurdles!!


  1. Aww! I am sure this is just one of those phases!
    Btw hope Mishti's health is better!

    1. Yeah she is much better now....hope this phase pass soon :-)

  2. I am glad Mishti is feeling better, I hope she recovers completely soon.

    I am in the same boat Nibedita, Pari is 90% in the same action, reaction and rage mode like you mentioned, so I totally understand how difficult it is :(

    I too am sincerely hoping, this is just a phase.

    Tight hugs to you and lots of love to Mishti.

    1. Arre for recovering completely, she needs to take medicines which she spits out :-(

      I know we are in same boat....and this boat seems to be moving on bumpy roads !!

      HUGS to u as well dear

  3. I didn't know whether to laugh at her antics or sympathise with you. But with a 2 year kid at home I decided to do the later!!! Sigh! been there done that and no it is not a phase it will go on :)
    Even Arnav has taken to slapping us and he says "pitai", now we are asking him not to do that as it is bad. He listens to us momentarily only!
    Good to know that she is better, with a kid down the whole place looks dull na?
    Hugs to her & her mom :)

    1. Gosh...i am really scared re...i know it gets bad with months :-(

      Sorry but can't stop myself lagughing when i read about this 'pitai' :-)

      Hugs to u dear :-)

  4. Hi Nibedita, hope you are doing good. Hey, I hope mishti has recovered by now. I know how difficult it is but at the same time, time flies and they grow up so fast , so enjoy the this phase as much as possible.. even though it gets tough at times :)

    1. Hey apologies for late reply...yeah Mishti is fine now...i know it is a phase but sometimes it gets really tough :-)